Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

Into the Emerald Tower

The Oath whites are defeated and The Sharn is Revealed

The battle over the writhing snake pit continued. One oath white had been destroyed a second time and seemed to be gone for good. The second oath white was proving just as difficult, however, dominating party members, forcing them to fight amongst themselves, and pushing them ever closer towards falling into the pit. Shan Val was able to unleash a great deal of damage upon the creature and managed to finally destroy it, but Quill knew it was reforming and would emerge again to attack.

Quill sprung into action examining the stone sarcophagi that the wight emerged from originally. The stone lid was very heavy and would not be easily lifted. He quickly scanned for traps and wards finding none. Then Praxis flew over on Tyberious and urged the mighty pegasus to kick open the sarcophagi. With a mighty kick of his rear legs, Tyberious sprung the stone lid off and down into the pit. Quill then saw a human skeleton wearing blue robes and the dark shadowy shape of the wight reforming inside. With a wave of his sword and a vocalization of arcane verbal components, Quill cast a spell that filled the sarcophagi with ice tearing apart the robe and shattering the bones and then flinging all the pieces out into the pit of snakes.

The reforming wight faded away without the focus of his ancient bones and was destroyed for good. Everyone congratulated Quill on his quick thinking and then turned to searching the sarcophagi after a short rest. Inside one they found 150,000 gold coins. After a treasure bath or two, the coins were shoveled into the portable hole. In another was found the remains of Arian Dane. His purple robes looked like new and were magical. They turned out to be Stoneskin Armor +3.

Using Tyberious and Shan Val’s mortar and Pestle to ferry everyone across the huge snake pit, the party continued to delve deeper into the ancient ruins of the Emerald Tower. Finally they came to a door which opened into a room that looked to be an ancient temple to the Elven Moon Goddess, Sehanine Moonbow. There were finely crafted elven statues, beautiful stained glass illuminations, crystal set into the floor, and a large domed emerald ceiling. In the center of the room was a huge statue of Sehanine with what looked like an urn from which water used to pour into a large tub below. Now, however, green and blue Plaguefire poured out of the urn and filled the tub with a writhing cauldron of Spellplague.

Sulee flew into the room and scouted it out sniffing out the magical signatures of multiple magic items. It was also clear there were some recent additions to the room such as two huge snake statues of Yuan Ti make. There was an empty bed, a magical workshop, and many books and tomes, but no creatures seemed to be in the room.

Sir Praxis boldly went into the room and mounted his trusty steed Tyberious. Upon doing so, he saw a mix of what looked like black and silver molten metal come together in the central conflagration of Plaguefire. It took shape into what was unmistakeably The Sharn. The creature rose out of the vat of Plaguefire pulling it all into itself, revealing a small depression in the bottom of the vat the size of Shalay Marel. As the Sharn surveyed Praxis and his mount, everyone in the party heard strange whisperings in their minds. It was clearly in elvish but extremely confusing – layers upon layers of elvish words and phrases in a seemingly incomprehensible jumble of Spellplague ridden madness until the very end when it coalesced into a very clear message.

Quagmire wanted to approach The Sharn and try to communicate with it. But he never got the chance as the Plaguetouched creature unleashed plaguefire and adaptive blue bolts of energy severely injuring party members. A huge fight broke out as the heroes surged into the room. It was difficult to hide from The Sharn as it was able to create small hexagons of blue light from which it could see and launch attacks. Praxis was able to get off a Prayer to Torm that gave everyone a +5 bonus to damage. Shan Val found out The Sharn was able to redirect ranged attacks onto others, reflecting his magic onto Praxis and Dorian. The Sharn was incredibly fast able to launch multiple attacks on its initiative and actually had two times in the initiative order that it acted.

Quill launched into action, hitting The Sharn with an attack that stunned the creature. That attack was crucial leaving The Sharn unable to act for a whole round (2 turns and at least 4 attacks) as well as unable to reflect spells back. All The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower took advantage by unleashing everything they had on the The Sharn. Shan Val cursed it and blasted it warlock magic, Quagmire hit it with magic missiles and minute meteors, Praxis hit it with fly-by attacks, and Dorian assaulted it with the Song of the New Dawn. They discovered it was regenerating but they were able to do over two hundred points of damage to it. It was unfortunately not even bloodied, however. When the Sharn finally shook off the Stun effect it unleashed a host of dizzying attacks against Quill. But Quill’s defenses proved stronger.

Dorian leaped into the vessel trying to put the Shalay Marel in place. Unfortunately he was bathed in Plaguefire and did not have the endurance to put the holy relic in place. Quill leaped in to aid him, taking the holy disc and pushing through the pain to put it in place. With a huge explosion the plaguefire was cut away by a blue light illuminating the entire emerald domed ceiling.

The Sharn was about to respond…



The battle is far from over and removing the Spellplague from Faerun cannot be that easy. Hopefully everyone can get the rolls, which Quagmire did not, and do some damage as I bet the Sharn has a ton of HP!

Into the Emerald Tower

Yay, Phil! You are the first to leave a comment on an adventure post. Awesome! My rolls were bad as well. At one point I attacked three times and got a 3, 2, and a 1. Yikes! Good work with the magic missiles. They always hit.

Into the Emerald Tower

Just added the sound of The Sharn from the first encounter. It came out very cool sounding. Actually edited it in Final Cut Pro using real spoken elvish clips.

Into the Emerald Tower

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