Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

Plaguewrought Land and Ormpetarr

The game began in the middle of a battle between The Goldenhawk Knights and a host of Gnome Plaguetouched-Ghouls that had surfaced from the swamps of The Plaguewought Lands. The undead host lead by a ghoul king rose from the deep swamps to attack with surprise. The ghoul king himself used his incredible strength to push a tree over on top of the group as the fight began. The battle was hard won with the ghouls and ghasts immobilizing party members and then unleashing their gut tongue (tongues that emerged from a toothy maw in their stomach) to lather the unfortunate victims in acid. Sir Praxis discovered that the evil creatures were vulnerable to light so he and Shan Val used Radiant powers to great effect against them. The terrain was difficult for Shan Val because the party was surrounded and he was having a tough time staying out of melee. At one point he teleported up into a tree thinking himself safe. Unfortunately, the ghoul king pushed the tree over on top of Quill severely injuring them both. Luckily neither was trapped under the tree but the resulting chaos on the battlefield was significant.

The Spellplague also influenced events both positively and negatively. A few times spells were weakened or nullified but other times they were boosted and changed. One notable plaguechanged attack by Shan Val turned a gnome ghoul into a statue of solid iron. I think he was rather fond of that one. The undead must have been voracious because they fought to the last ghoul trying to eat the party members but alas it was not to be. Despite being severely hurt and low on resources, the Goldenhawks decided to press on through the swamps of the plaguewrought land because they were very close to The Ruins of Ormpetarr.

Arriving in Ormpetarr (see attached image 1 ormeptarr map.jpg), the party found a large body of deep swamp water blocking their path. An old broken bridge partially spanned it but the middle 30 feet had fallen away blocking the path. Shan Val and Dorian used the Shadow Bridge ritual to weave the shadows of the swamp into a solid bridge across. Everyone easily crossed using the Shadow Bridge and found a number of bodies at the base of the a ruined tower. Dorian used his nature skill and heal skill to determine that the bodies belonged to the race of the Yuan Ti (half snake half men). The Yuan Ti had been dead for many months possibly a year. Redbeard athletically climbed up the 30 foot wall of the ruined tower to gaze down into the basement. He found another Yuan Ti body on top of the wall with a jeweled dagger buried in its skull. He also saw a shovel, a pick, and a pile of dirt as if something had been dug up in the bottom of the tower.

Redbeard returned to the group and brought the Yuan Ti body with him. Dorian inspected the dagger and found it to be non-magical but of elvish make. Shan Val took out his ritual book once again and cast “last sight vision” to reveal the last 10 rounds before the death of the creature. What Shan Val saw through the eyes of the dead Yuan Ti is described in this audio clip:


1 ormpetarr map



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