Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

Putting the Dead to Rest

Exploring the Crypt of The Mad Coronal

Shenarra Pearl, the young mermaid handmaiden of The Coronal guided The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower through dark, murky water to a series of tombs set into the sea floor outside Myth Nantar. Most of the tombs were still and silent, but flashes of green light drew Quill’s attention to one site in particular: the mausoleum of the Mad Coronal. The door to the ancient crypt was held fast with magic and powerfully warded. Shan Val, Quill, and Dorian worked with great care to remove them. All three surmised that the wards must have been laid by someone powerful in the art. Quill tried to ease the door open but it suddenly flew open of its own accord.

Quill gazed inside the crypt to see a ghostly figure wreathed in dark energy floating near a statue that bears a striking resemblance to the spirit itself. The flashes of green light seemed to be coming from something suspended inside the ghost’s incorporeal form. Cackling insanely, the spirit gestured toward the huge crack in the floor. In response, hands and bodies emerge from the dark crack, joining the ranks of newly risen dead forming up for another attack on Myth Nantar.


The party charged into the huge room to battle the undead. The drowned dead minions fell quickly but more and more kept crawling out of the black fissure to replace those that had fallen. Shenarra Pearl proved quite valuable as her turning powers were able to destroy large groups of the drowned dead. Drowned_Dead_copy.png

The Mad Coronal proved very hard to catch, however. His insubstantial form flew right through the thick mud in the floor of the room and also the large columns dominating the sides of the room. Even when he was hit by an attack, he simply gestured and re-directed the attack to one of his minions using his “die for me” power.


The Mad Coronal continued to summon hordes of drowned dead each round to replenish those who had fallen. The mud and silt on the floor of the room also formed together to rise up and attack. It was a creature called a mud lasher. Its drowning slam attack carried a lot of damage and kept hurting with an ongoing damage effect. The Mad Coronal also blasted the party with large area of effect spells like his Terrifying Shriek which immobilized, pushed, and hurt everyone in its path. Occasionally he would simply gaze upon a party member and unleash his Death’s Visage causing massive necrotic damage and a penalty to defenses. He also had a ghost bolt which he would hurl at Quill because it would strike unerringly beating his powerful defenses.

Two Sodden Lacedons were also lurking in the muddy silt. They leaped up to attack Shan Val and Dorian in the back after the defenders had already moved through. Their deadly claws ripped into them causing them to be immobilized, grabbed, and prone. And then as a minor action they would use their “mouthful of flesh” attack to do additional damage. Later in the battle two more Sodden Lacedons appeared as reinforcements to again wreak havoc with the less protected individuals.


Scanning the room, Quill saw the glint of emerald light coming from the head of the stature on the far side of the room that looked like a statue of Essyl Merynth, The Mad Coronal. So he slowly made his way towards the statue, fighting his way through the drowned ones and lacedons. As he got closer he could make out that it looked like a green gemstone flickering with an unearthly green light – perhaps an emerald – was lodged into one of the eyes of the statue. After many rounds of not even being able to hurt The Mad Coronal, Quill knew he had to somehow stop the hordes of undead that kept returning to the crypt. He thought that perhaps if he could remove it it might stop the undead. He tried to remove the gem with his ranged mage hand but it proved too difficult to remove. More strength was needed. He yelled for Redbeard to aid him.

Trapped near the entrance to the crypt far from the statue was Redbeard, immobilized and shoved against Baba Yaga’s Mortar and Pestle which had been flown in by Shan Val but vacated when he teleported away from it. Unable to make his legs work due to the Mad Coronal’s Necrotic spells, Redbeard reached over the edge of the mortar and grabbed a hold of the pestle and willed the magical flying device into motion. It flew across the room with Redbeard hanging off the side of it. A few undead lashed out at Redbeard as he darted in and out of the bodies flailing around, but he happily took a few hits to get to Quill’s side. He then grabbed a hold of the piece in the statue and pulled hard to free it. As soon as Redbeard touched it to yank it free he instantly knew that it was a shard of a larger emerald that was embedded in the chest of the Mad Coronal. The shard was clearly magical and he felt the urge to shove the shard and two others somewhere in the crypt into the chest of the Mad Coronal to make the larger emerald able to be removed from the undead lich.



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