Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

Succubi and Demon Lords Oh My!

The Throne Room


The difficult battle with the Succubi continued. Although they were only minions, their numbers and very powerful beguiling and dominating effects proved difficult to surmount. Many of the party members used their turns to attack one another and painfully burn while taking ongoing fire damage instead of attacking the succubi. Eventually though, the last of the foul creatures was slain and the endless chasm finally stood quiet.


Although there was finally an opportunity to rest, the party chose instead to press their advantage and not lose Dorian’s drums of speed and forced movement resistance. So Quill searched the rock wall at the end of the stone bridge and found a secret door. There were also 3 Abyssal runes carved into the rock of the bridge at the far end by the secret door. Quill could tell they were magical but he could not decipher them. Shan Val who is fluent in Abyssal was able to read them. He discovered that the Abyssal Runes were 3 different command words. Uttering one of the words in the abyssal tongue would cause the stone bridge to collapse. Since it was clear that everyone was flying, the succubi had chosen not to invoke that effect. As they gazed into the darkness of the endless chasm below them, each party member was thankful they had chosen to maintain the flying effects of the potions. The second abyssal word activated the reforming of the stone bridge. The third abyssal word opened the secret door.

Shan Val uttered the word of opening and the seam of a door appeared in the rock followed by a sliding of stone and an opening of a passage into a large throne room. There sitting upon a huge throne was The Demon Lord Draylor, General of Dagon’s Abyssal forces, and his consort Kayla. They were both intently gazing into a glass sphere held in Kayla’s clawed hand. General Draylor was overheard saying, ‘…Myth Nantar is lost. Dagon’s Portal is closed and our armies are in retreat. The Nantari have won the day. I do not wish to deliver the news to our master…’ The huge demon then looked up, however, and his dour face brightened as the party entered the room. Draylor continued, ‘Well if it isn’t the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. Fate has smiled upon us Kayla. Perhaps our master will treat us less harshly should we deliver his greatest foes heads for him to dine upon. Come let us slay them…’


A battle erupted between the Demon Lords and the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. Kayla’s demon magic proved quite effective as she cast a Crushing Will spell, sapping Redbeard’s considerable will to fight and slowing down the speedy dwarf. Her maelstrom strike knocked party members off their feet and throttled them with tentacles of force. She foretold the doom of party members causing combat advantage and ongoing damage. General Draylor used his huge doomblade in one hand to savagely hew at the knights of goldenhawk tower. Those within 10 feet felt his oppressing malign influence aura could not heal any damage. Praxis and Quill moved within 3 feet of Draylor to discover his threatening reach which he used to grab his enemies in his deathly grip.


The party was effective at damaging the two demon lords but were confounded by the fact that every round they were reaching over and touching the huge throne to heal their wounds. Tired of seeing most of the damage they had done to the demons fade away, Quill managed to use a special attack spell to teleport Kayla away from the protection of the healing throne and Draylor. The party then surrounded her and focused their attacks on her. Redbeard finished her with a brutal slam that smashed her broken body sending it like a rag doll across the floor leaving a trail of gore in its wake.

Consumed with rage over the slaying of his consort Kayla, General Draylor redoubled his efforts and caused some grievous wounds using his doomblade and deathly grip. But the party managed to separate him from the healing throne as well and he was soon bloodied causing him to scream a blasphemous utterance dazing all but Shan Val and shredding them with necrotic damage. Shan Val unloaded a flurry of attacks against the demon, but his variable resistance kicked in preventing much of the elemental damage. Dorian followed by carefully avoiding those types of damage and instead opting for psychic damage which proved most effective. Laying his Death Mark upon the demon lord, Dorian unleashed a wicked final blow of magical power that smote the demon lord and laid him low.

Suddenly Dorian cried out with surprise as his pack burst into flames and an ancient elven sword that was carefully packed away burned through its bonds to float freely in front of him. Dorian gazed at the ancient sword of his father, Elaith Craulnober. He had been told to keep it secret, to keep it safe. It was too dangerous for him to touch. Dorian had searched for the blade as per his father’s wishes in the vault of Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut. Dorian had thought it could be the Craulnober family moon blade, but he did not dare to hope. If it was indeed that sword he knew that to touch it would set off a blade ritual to test his worth. He would either live and claim the sword or die if the sword found him unworthy. As a half elf, his chances of acceptance were not good. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Dorian reached his hand forward and grabbed the hilt of the sword.

Power flowed through his body as the ancient magic of the moon blade came to life. In an instant, images flashed through Dorian’s mind as the sword reviewed his entire life unto this point. The sword hesitated for a moment at Dorian’s mercy killing of Jalissa, but then it continued all the way through the slaying of the Demon Lord General Draylor.

Dorian’s feet left the ground as he spontaneously floated up into the air, his hair floating around him. Everyone watched transfixed as light shown brightly out of Dorian’s eyes and mouth. Dorian grimaced and sweat beaded on his brow. And suddenly with another intense flash of bright light, Dorian returned to the earth and seemed quite calm and serene.

Dorian lovingly slid his hand along the smooth flat of the blade, across carved elven runes. ‘This is Ithildin Dagnir Balrog-uin or Moonstar Slayer of Demons in the common tongue. It is the moonblade of House Craulnober and it has claimed me as blade heir. It has awoken and wishes to slay demons. Come… let us oblige it. Do you hear me Dagon? We come for you!’


The party finally took a short rest and healed their wounds as best they could. The flying potions and speed effects of Dorian’s drums had finally worn off. A quick search of the throne room unearthed the orb that Kayla was carrying. The scrying orb still showed the deep waters of Myth Nantar in its depths. The Coronal led her Nantari against the last retreating enemy forces. Myth Nantar had indeed been saved.

Redbeard looked longingly at the throne. ‘What about this throne lads? It healed the demons it could heal us as well.’ Praxis studied the throne and frowned, ‘No Redbeard that throne smells of evil, I would not touch it if I were you.’

Redbeard reached his hand out and touched the throne despite the warnings of Praxis. Necrotic energy spread through his body hurting him deeply as he pulled away in pain. ‘Agghh! I guess you are right Praxis. Damn! Let’s go kill Dagon and be done with this foul place! I miss my dear sweet Auntie Blackbreath



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