Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

The Altar Cleansed and Flushing Out The Eye of the Deep


With the Kuo Toan Priest and the Genasi Sorceress slain, the enemies ability to further corrupt the altar was severely diminished. But the remaining kuo toans, genasi, and water elemental were still bent on completing the corruption. Quagmire continued to do an excellent job using his arcana, religion, and thievery skills to cleanse the altar. While the rest of the party battled the remaining enemies. First the water elemental was destroyed, then one of the Kuo Toans, things were looking up when the genasi warrior and the kuo toan cutter both got critical hits. Quill was able to reduce the damage somewhat but still it stung greatly. Everyone but Quill and Dorian were bloodied and close to death. But Quagmire successfully completed the cleansing of the altar and the final two enemies were slain. The three merfolk priests of deep sashelas trapped in the energy fields were freed but the severely wounded merfolk paladin only had 1 round left to live. Sir Praxis valiantly rode Tyberious to get over to the pillar upon which she was trapped but failed twice in his attempts to free her as time ran out and she perished. It was a bittersweet ending to the victory. Although the Deep Sashelas altar was altar was cleansed and the 3 priests were freed, the paladin perished. The grateful priests lent their healing skills to The Knights Of Goldenhawk Tower, healing them. However, all of their healing surges were spent by the end of the short rest. Quagmire had the presence of mind to ask if they had any healing potions that did not require surges to use and they did in fact have 3 cure light and 1 cure moderate wounds potions which they gladly gave to their saviors.

With the temple saved, The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower decided to head back to the Coronal’s keep to check in with her. On their way they encountered a heavily built sea elf whose armor seemed to be made of heavy coral growing out of his skin. He lumbered over saying, “I know you’ve been asked to do a lot of things,”, every word sounding like a boulder crashing down a mountain. “But my soldiers are getting ripped to ribbons out there, and I’m not too proud to ask for help. I’ve seen a lot of things in my time, but frankly, I’ve never seen anything like what’s attacking us right now."
“There’s an army of demons and aberrations battering at the walls of Myth Nantar – that’s nothing you don’t already know. But my command post is just about to be completely overrun by ixitxachitls – what most people call demon-rays. Not because of the ixits themselves: we kill them all the time. But they’ve got an eye of the deep with them and that’s a whole different kettle of fish."
“I’d heard legends, about how they can turn you to stone, rot the flesh from your bones, cause you to flee in terror, stare at you so you fall over dead, or just burn you to ash outright with those eye beams of theirs. But I never imagined I’d have to see it up close and personal.
“My troops are brave, and they’ll fight to the death to defend Myth Nantar. Quite a few of them already have. The rest of them are going to die for sure if somebody doesn’t take that eye of the deep out. You look like some of the most powerful adventurers I’ve ever seen. If anybody can take this thing down, it’s you."
“What do you say? You could save a lot of lives, right here, right now.”

Of course Dorian and Quill responded immediately that they would help. The commander led them to a grotto on the bottom of the sea floor with a sunken Cormyrean warship. Sneaking up, using stealth and Quagmire’s invisibility magic, the party found the Eye of the Deep lurking in the hold of the sunken ship and the devil rays in another. They moved into position with stealth and got the jump on the creatures. Praxis blocked the devil rays and everyone else pounded on the eye of the deep. With the surprise round finished, the aquatic beholder began to rise from the dark recesses of the hold of the ship to attack…




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