Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

The Battle for Whirpool Gate

A search of the Crypt found 2 unopened doors. Behind one door was only silt and empty stone. But behind the other was some newly installed furniture including a bed and a broken chair and table. The body of something that had been ripped to shreds and a piece of it floated about the room. Finally a piece of vellum floated in amongst the debris. Quill tried to read the vellum sheet and found it to be some sort of letter but the words seemed scrambled and difficult to read as if they were written by someone who was insane. Dorian also tried to read the vellum but also felt the text tugging at his own sanity.

Searching the room, Quill found the final fragment of The Emerald Eye of Kyron. It was tucked under the mattress of the bed. He used his telekinesis to move the fragment without actually touching it. The party used two rituals to help solve the mystery of what had happened. One ritual allowed for them to see a whole image of the individual who had been ripped apart. It appeared to be a human male which everyone agreed was quite unusual at the bottom of the sea. Dorian recognized the vestments of the human as those of the Cult of Dagon. The other ritual was read languages which enabled Dorian to read the maddening script. The human priest of Dagon was sent here with The Eye of Kyron to create a rift and raise an undead army for use in the war. The party assumed that the priest got more than he bargained for by animating the Essyl Merynth. It was clearly either he or one of the lacedons that had ripped him to pieces.

Quill decided not to reunite the last fragment of The Emerald Eye of Kyron in order to make it whole once more. Gathering up the evidence of what had happened and the last two pieces of the artifcat, the party made haste back to the Coral Palace to speak with Aravae Daudil – The Coronal.

Shenarra Pearl led the way through the guards and brought the party right to the war room of The Coronal herself. Although it was at the bottom of the Sea, the inside of the The Corral Palace was filled with air. Everyone breathed deeply. It was nice to finally breathe air again. coronal_handmaiden.png Sir Praxis was the first to notice Shenarra Pearl’s lower half had turned from a mermaid’s tail to legs in the fresh air. Now that the young lady was completely human formed and completely naked, Sir Praxis said a silent prayer to Torm as he walked behind her lithe yet curvy form. The Coronal was standing at a large table filled with maps of Myth Nantar illustrating troop movements. She was discussing tactics with her Sea Elf and Merfolk generals and with Human Admirals of The Cormyrean Navy.

The Coronal looked up from the map and smiled as The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower approached. ‘Excellent work," said the Coronal. ’The hordes of drowned ones have stopped their attacks on our forces. The priests have been freed up to attend to the wounded instead of dealing with the undead. Their healing arts are making a big difference in the battle.’


Dorian stepped forward and described what they had found and what they had done. Quill brought forth The Emerald Eye of Kyron for The Coronal to see. She narrowed her gaze and bid Quill to place the two pieces on a stone table in front of her. Quill did as she commanded. The Coronal gazed intently at the green glow of the huge emerald. She circled the stone table looking at the artifact from almost every angle as everyone in attendance patiently waited.


The Coronal slowly raised her mighty staff known as ‘The Deep Oak’ and tightened her grip on the shaft. Then suddenly with blinding speed she brought the staff down upon the large emerald with violent force smashing it into 3 pieces that scattered across the room. The Coronal stared at The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. ’That ancient relic is an artifact which has been plaguing this city and the sea elven people for millennia. It has been involved in almost every major war in our history that… ’

The Coronal suddenly doubled over in visible pain gripping her chest. ‘The Mythal… Its… They have taken The Whirpool Gate.’

An audible gasp escaped the collective generals in attendance. The Coronal gripped Deep Oak tightly and used her staff to right herself and stand tall. The color slowly returned to her face as she regained her composure. ‘The Cult of Dagon has corrupted The Whirpool Gate and are using it to drain The Mythal’s power. They are feeding some sort of ritual which is of epic proportions.

A sea elf suddenly burst into the room exclaiming, ‘The armies of the enemy have surrounded The Whirpool Gate. It is overrun. They have heavily reinforced the area and are defending it. Our troops cannot get close enough to retake it.’

The Coronal’ face darkened, ‘This must be their final play. Could they be opening the Gate for?…’ The Coronal was suddenly lost in thought but then snapped back quickly to turn her gaze towards The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower, ’There might just be a way to stop them. I must remain here and focus all my energies on keeping The Mythal whole. Shenarra, do you remember the old dolomite tunnels leading out from the castle here to The Whirpool gate?"

Shenarra perked up and replied, ‘Yes My Lady.’

The Coronal looked to her and then to the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower and said, ‘you must lead these men through the tunnels to The Whirlpool Gate. They lead right to the base of the Gate itself, that should get you past the armies of the enemy. No doubt Dagon’s faithful have The Gate itself well guarded but at least you will have a fighting chance. It is fortuitous that you have brought The Emerald Eye before me. Its magic is strong and can be harnessed to do a great many things.’

With a wave of her hand all 4 pieces of The Emerald Eye of Kyron flew rapidly though the air to hover in front of her. She spoke a strange word and a rippling pool of water appeared in the air before her. The largest fragment of the emerald which had been torn out of the chest of Essyl Merynth by Redbeard floated into the water portal and disappeared of to some vault in the Palace. The remaining three fragments pulsed with green light as they hovered in the air around The Coronal.

The Coronal commanded one of her sea elf generals to remove a Myth Nantar banner from the wall and bring it before her. With another wave of her hand one of the emerald fragments fused to the tip of the wooden shaft upon which the banner was affixed.

‘Now we just need two more like this.’ said The Coronal. Dorian instantly stepped forward and bowed deeply while holding up The Goldenhawk Tower Battle Standard , ‘My Lady Coronal, I would be honored if you would deem our battle standard worthy of such an honor.’

The Coronal smiled and waived her hands in an intricate pattern. The second emerald fragment fused to the tip of the Goldenhawk Battle standard. One of the Cormyrean Admirals then stepped forward bearing The Purple Dragon of Cormyr and The Coronal affixed the final fragment to that standard.

The Coronal explained that The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower must carry these battle standards into battle with them and plant them in a very particular arrangement surrounding The Whirpool Gate. There are three summoning circles made of gold with runes carved on them surrounding The Whirpool Gate. They must place one standard in each golden circle. They have been enchanted so that when all three are correctly placed they will unleash a pulse of energy that should disrupt The Whirpool Gate and foil the summoning ritual being performed by The Cult of Dagon. She went on to explain that each standard must be carried by a different person and that they should never come into contact with each other.

Quill grabbed the Myth Nantar standard, Praxis took The Goldenhawk Standard, and Redbeard the Cormyrean Banner and the group set off with Shenarra Pearl through the dolomite tunnels to arrive just as the Coronal had described – at the foot of Whirpool Gate behind enemy lines. Shenarra wished the party good luck and hoped the blessings of Deep Sashelas would be upon them. She explained that she had to seal the the tunnels so that there would be no way for the armies of the enemy to find their way into the Coral Palace.


The party’s plan to speedily get the jump on their foes and quickly get the banners into place was quickly foiled. Dagon Cultists were everywhere and though those minions posed little threat, four familiar foes were also arrayed against them. fish_man_2.png Fish men of Dagon that Quill, Dorian, and Shan Val had not seen since the Ashenport were prowling the battlefield along with three aspects of Dagon whom the party had defeated once before. However, now these foes seemed even more powerful than before.

The Wrath of Dagon was a stark white huge muscular tentacled beast. It moved with blinding speed and could literally leap through the water. The wrath was the first creature to react to the party’s appearance and it closed the distance to engage in melee and block the forward progress with alarming speed. It released a deadly blast of pheromones into the water which clouded the minds of The Knight’s of Goldenhawk Tower causing them to attack one another and to fall unconscious.

The Tendril of Dagon looked like some sort of merfolk who had a mass of tentacles as their lower half. It would entangle party members in its deadly tentacles, holding them fast and crushing them. It would also peck at trapped and entangled enemies with its viscous beak.


And The Voice of Dagon looked like a human female but who had two tentacles emerging from her hips. She seemed to unleash Dagon’s power in the form of spells such as a frigid burst that caused cold damage and slowness as well as chaos touching it targets. Those unfortunates who were touched by the chaos of the Voice’s magic could be chaos warped where The Voice could negatively impact attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws.

A viscous battle erupted and the only battle standard to be moved forward was that of Quill who was able to teleport in and out of his foes to make progress where the others were bogged down in melee combat. Sir Praxis used his summon steed ritual to bring Tyberious quickly into the battle, allowing him to move more rapidly across the battlefield. But Praxis and Tyberious were quickly mired in combat and slow and immobilization effects.

Dorian saw The Wrath of Dagon tearing into his friends with its viscous claws. He had terrible flashbacks to Ashenport and the fate of Jalissa. The mere thought of Dagon filled Dorian with white hot rage. He cursed The Wrath and used his magic to send it off on a timeless trek to Mithrendain. The creature disappeared into the Feywild only to leave behind the echo of its howling rage. Two rounds passed without The Wrath being able to find its way back. The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower were encouraged and managed to fight through the minions and clear a path to make some progress. Quill locked down The Voice and used his 4 corners attack to deadly effect upon her. The tied had turned but for how long? More cultist reinforcements were on the way and it was just a matter of time before The Wrath broke Dorian’s spell and found his way back to the prime material plane to rejoin the fight.




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