Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

Vanquishing The Eye of the Deep

A Brief Respite in the War for Myth Nantar

With Sir Praxis turned to stone, Quagmire lying in death repose, and Dorian overcome with unconsciousness from a sleep ray, things had turned dire indeed. But with the appearance of Redbeard, hope yet remained for the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower that victory could be snatched from defeat. The Eye of The Deep was bloodied and had flown into a frenzy shooting 4 eye beams per round but the party kept up their assault and continued to rain damage down upon it. Redbeard was forced to attack Shan Val by the Eye Tyrant’s confusion rays. The Devil Rays swarmed around the party members and continued to harry them as well. There were some additional close calls with death rays and petrification rays finding their marks, but luckily saving throws were made. Finally at long last, Shan Val delivered the killing blow, blasting The Eye of the Deep with fey pact magic and littering the sunken ships deck with Beholder bits. With their master slain, the Devil Rays fought on to avenge him, but they were no match for the remaining Knights. Soon they too were dispatched.

The sea elf commander who asked for their aid congratulated them on their victory and told them that Quagmire and Sir Praxis sacrifice was not in vain. Defeating the Eye of the Deep had saved countless sea elf lives. The party put Quagmire’s body and the statue of Praxis in Shan Val’s Flying Mortar and they made their way back to the Coronal’s Palace.

The fighting remained fierce across the entire city and beyond. Reinforcements will surely arrive from Myth Nantar’s allies, such as Cormyr and Aglarond. Nevertheless, the invaders showed no signs of lessening their assault, even as the valiant defenders slaughtered wave after wave of monsters and aberrations.

Suddenly a huge form streaked out of the din of battle. It was clearly the dragon Khuralosothantar “The Protector” and mounted astride the mighty beast was Aravae Daudil – The Coronal herself.


Surveying the scene, the Coronal realized that the situation would only deteriorate if the defenders did not get some respite. The forces arrayed against Myth Nantar seem to have endless reinforcements, and though the sea elf defenders and the mighty heroes of Faerun are individually much stronger than their foes, the attackers must eventually break through on the strength of their sheer numbers and the defenders sheer exhaustion.

There is one defender, however, whose vigilance is tireless, who can be everywhere at once, and whose faithfulness is beyond question: the mythal itself. Drawing upon ancient high magic, the Coronal raised her arms and unleashed a spell more powerful than any The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower had ever seen. The Coronal released the energy of the mythal. Suddenly all of the fighting stopped and all eyes turned to The Coronal. Glowing lines of force streaked across the battlefield, infusing each defender with the might of all elvenkind. All the defenders of Myth Nantar felt their fatigue vanish, their wounds heal, and their strength return. They were all revitalized as if they had just spent the most restful night of their life. All the party members effectively had an extended rest and each went up to 16th level. The power of the Coronal’s spell turned Praxis from stone back to flesh but with only half of his normal healing surges. The spell did not have the power to return the dead to life, however. Quagmire remained deceased.

The defenders of Myth Nantar were restored. But at what cost to the mythal…?

Despite all it had suffered, from the aboleths crashing through its protection, to the city’s defenders drawing on its healing energy, to the Coronal unleashing its power to rejuvenate the heroes of Myth Nantar, the ancient mythal held. However, its energy was sorely taxed. As the defenders strength was restored, the mythal’s strength faded almost to a whisper.

The Coronal rallied her troops with her powerful voice cutting through the depths, amplified by her powerful magic.

The second voice was indeed that of Dagon. An image of the massive bulbous demon appeared before everyone’s eyes.


But something was wrong. The mythal had given too much. From the aboleths crashing through, to people drawing on its healing energy, to the Coronal unleashing its power, perhaps even to the Spellplague itself, the ancient barrier flickered and trembled. Its soft glow fading into darkness. Acting quickly The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower and many of the allies of Myth Nantar could feel the need of the Mythal as it faded away. With arcane knowledge and insight, they realized that the power of the mythal was a two way conduit. They each gave a little bit of themselves over to the mythal to fuel it. Quill gave seven healing surges. Dorian provided 5. Redbeard gave 7 surges. Shan Val let 3 go. Tyberious and Praxis each weakened from the battle each gave only 1. But it was enough. The total given back from the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower was 24 total surges. That combined with all the others given up by the defenders of Myth Nantar sustained the Mythal and breathed fresh life into its magic.

After the tense moment of wavering, the Mythal flared to life anew, the projected image of Dagon vanished, and as one all the combatants leaped back into the fray. The Coronal smiled and gazed towards The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. Feelings of relief and thanks filled each of them as the mighty sea elf mounted her dragon friend once more and flew off back into the battle. The brief momentary respite was over and the battle for Myth Nantar was once more joined. Out of the chaos of battle swam a lone figure. A beautiful young mermaid bearing the marks of a priestess of Deep Sashelas.


The mermaid introduced herself as Shenarra Pearl, handmaiden to The Coronal. She explained that the Coronal was quite busy fighting the war at the moment but was deeply thankful for everything the party had done to help the war effort. Shenarra was deeply saddened to learn of Quagmire’s demise. She held his head against her ample bosom and tenderly stroked his hair. There was little they could do for Quagmire at this time but she offered to have his body taken to the temple of Deep Sashelas. Redbeard stepped forward and thanked Shenarra but declined her offer saying something about contracts and such. He took the body and carefully packed it away into Dorian’s bag of holding. There it would stay until such time as more appropriate measures could be taken.

Shenarra then explained to the The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower that their previous successful missions had garnered real help to the war effort. In fact, she explained how they could call on reinforcements and get help from those they had helped before. These one time powers are explained in this wiki – Myth Nantar Mission Rewards.

Shenarra also explained that The Coronal had another mission for them to complete. She said, “My fellow clerics and I find ourselves unable to tend to the wounded. Instead we are forced to contend with constant attacks by drowned ones on the outskirts of the city. All of our divine energies are being diverted to destroy these undead, and several of us have been wounded ourselves. These are lesser undead, so the army can’t pull soldiers off the front lines to deal with them, but we can’t let them rampage through Myth Nantar, either.”

Shenarra continued, ‘My Lady sent me to investigate and I believe I have found the source of the zombies – an ancient tomb outside the city. It’s too dangerous for me to enter alone. My Lady has asked you to accompany me. In ancient times our people used to inter Coronals and other leaders at this site. The most famous was Essyl Merynth, known as the Mad Coronal when he was alive, apparently for good reason, although I don’t know the details.’

Shenarra said, “No one ever goes there any more, because about a hundred years ago some followers of Oghma were researching the old stories of the Mad Coronal and discovered that the tomb had been ransacked. They said that the sarcophagi were broken out from the inside, a most disturbing thought. As far as I know, it’s been quiet ever since, but perhaps there was something more that the scholars never discovered. Please help me investigate the tomb and we can find the source of the undead, put a stop to it. If we didn’t have to fight off these attacks, we could channel our healing powers to aid the injured, and of course it would also let those poor souls return to their rest.”

The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower agreed to help Shenarra Pearl. They followed her off to the ancient tomb…



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