Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

The Emerald Eye of Kyron

The Mad Coronal is Laid to Rest

The battle raged on as Quill andRedbeard finally understood what the green light coming from the Mad Coronal’s chest was about. They wanted to try and fuse the shard of the emerald fragment they had recovered from the statue into the larger emerald embedded in the Mad Coronal’s Chest. They fought their way over to The Mad Coronal. Using his remote action mage hand spell, Quill was able to push the shard into the Mad Coronal’s chest and fuse it into the larger emerald. The Mad Coronal shuddered and screamed in pain. Quill noticed that he temporarily lost his ghostly insubstantial trait and was now more vulnerable to attacks. Quill now knew that once another of the two remaining shards were returned to the emerald, that it could be ripped from The Mad Coronal’s chest and possibly cut off his power.


It didn’t take long, however, for The Mad Coronal to shake off the effects of the shard fusing and redouble his attacks against the party. In particular he went after Quill in a big way. Sir Praxis finally dealt the killing blow to the mud lasher and saw a shining green object fall out of its lifeless body towards the silty floor below. Quill managed to scoop it up and discovered it was the second of three shards. The third shard was still in some unknown location, but he could sense it was nearby.

As the battle raged on Shenarra Pearl, was grappled by a Sodden Lacedon and torn to shreds through its drowning embrace. Dorian fought his way to her and managed to heal her. Quill managed to get the second shard into The Mad Coronal and again he shuddered and screamed in pain. His form shifted from insubstantial to substantial. Shan Val and Dorian took great advantage of the opportunity by pounding The Mad Coronal with his arcane energies to full effect. Quill knew the time was right to try and pull the emerald out of the chest. Even though the third shard was not found, it could be done. He felt a strange urge to do it himself, but it proved beyond his strength.


Redbeard plunged his hand into the chest of the Mad Coronal and felt his hand close around the huge glimmering green emerald. Redbeard pulled with all his might and yanked the gemstone free from the body of the lich. Instantly the insane cackling of the Mad Coronal ceased. His body fell limp to the ground. Apparently the day was won. Quill urged Redbeard to give him the The Emerald Eye . Redbeard refused. There was a tense stand off with Quill and Redbeard facing off. Dorian took a step closer and tried to ease the tension with his soothing words. Quill stared at Redbeard intently. Sweat beaded on Redbeard’s brow as he looked from Quill to the The Emerald Eye and back again. Redbeard’s muscles tensed but instead of handing it over to Quill he threw it to Shan Val. Shan Val also struggled mightily to give it up. Quill warily moved the stone into the portable hole with his mage hand in order not to touch it.

There was one more piece to find, but Quill was uncertain what to do next. Apparently the undead threat had been stopped, but he wasn’t exactly sure what this magical emerald had to do with it. He knew one thing, however. The stone was very powerful. His arcana skill gave him a power reading that was on the level of what he experienced with the The Recurve or The Shalay Marel. This was an ancient relic of great power -clearly a magical artifact of some kind.

Shenarra Pearl thought it might be the legendary Emerald Eye of Kyron – a storied magical artifact from Myth Nantar’s past. She urged the party to find the remaining shard and make the stone complete and then bring it to Aravae Daudil – The Coronal. She would certainly be able to use the artifact against the enemy.

Redbeard chimed in saying, “It is a gift… It is a powerful magical item that should be used in the fight. Why not use it?” Quill was not so sure…




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