Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

The Fall of Dagon

The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower had just finished the battle with The Demon Lords when they suddenly heard a keening wail. An ear splitting otherworldly scream that was so terrible that it could not be unheard. Shan Val, Quill, and Dorian instantly recognized that sound. It was the call of Dagon which resulted in the the last breaths of Ashenport. Dorian rememberred only too well the sound they had all heard so long ago when all of the villagers of Ashenport had drown themselves in the sea.

The horrible scream keenly hearkened the fact that the presence of The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower in the Abyss was now duly noted. A path of stones above a sea of writhing flesh began to sink one by one, cutting off further progress into Dagon’s realm. The party burst into action leaping over the gaps from rock to rock to push through the mist and into the next area. There they found a huge room with a priestess of Dagon performing some sort of ritual. As the party moved closer to attack, something larger than comprehension and beyond all reason emerged from a hole in the room. Dagon’s presence eclipsed everything and all of reality seemed to focus on the enormous Demon Prince.


A deep and powerful voice from beyond space and time forced its way into each of the minds of The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. It spoke…
Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. You more than any others of your world have earned my ire. Thrice have you foiled my plans of entering your prime material plane.

An image or vision of a beautiful elf girl appeared in each party member’s mind. Shan Val, Quill, and especially Dorian recognized the image as Jalissa, the woman who accompanied the party to Ashenport in search of a better life for herself only to find horror and death.


The disembodied voice continued…
My seed had fully impregnated the female elf creating a doorway into your world until it was slammed shut by Dorian Bladesinger and his mercy killing of the girl.

The image of Jalissa faded away and was replaced by an image of Zara Ritter, the woman who haunted Quill’s Dreams.


The Voice of Dagon again forced its way into the party’s thoughts…
Quill… You spurned your destiny as my prince. I offered you the world with Zara at your side but you did not consummate my love for you both. I would have been your son and your father.

The image of Zara Ritter faded away and was replaced by the image of Aravae Daudil – The Coronal of Myth Nantar. And Dagon continued…
And all of you. Closing the whirlpool Gate and Slamming shut my third attempt at enterring your world has me most furious of all. I was so close, I could taste the sweet waters of Myth Nantar. What a glorious seat for my undersea empire it would have been. I would have forced the Coronal to kneel before me as my obedient servant.


The image of The Coronal faded away and Dagon continued:
But now you fools stand before me in the flesh… Your tender mortal flesh. Did you really think you could come to my realm and defeat me here? Demogorgan, Grazz’t, Orcus – None of the demon princes have the courage to stand against me – The Eldest of them all. Your hubris is astonishing. I will enjoy feasting on your mortal souls for all time.


A huge battle erupted. Dagon was at the center of it of course. As a minor action he could release his doom drone which would damage all those around him and pull them closer. Dagon’s many and varied tentacle strikes were quite deadly. He would lash out both on his own initiative and in response to the attacks of others. His variable resistance held off the elemental attacks of Shan Val and Redbeard but the keen moonblade of Dorian cut through these defenses to hurt Dagon.

But Dagon was not alone. The priestess was a Doom Flayer with many ranged spells – force leash, grasping tentacles, and a churning vortex. Dagon’s minions floated out of the far realm to come to his aid. The Far Realm singularity minions were strange abstract creatures that carried with them the uncertainty principle where prime number attacks would miss and non-prime numbers would hit. The used their string theory power to attack simultaneously in all possible realities. And their quantum distortion fields would cause unexpected things to happen upon their demise for good or for ill.


The battle was epic and huge. Dagon smashed down into the party and they would maneuver around trying to keep everyone up. Redbeard struggled with getting close enough as Dagon’s tentacles would knock him down. Quill artfully was able to manipulate the battlefield to get people to where they needed to be. Shan Val focused on the Doom Flayer and blinded her for a round making it impossible for her to attack. Praxis and Quill managed to eliminate most of the far realm singularity minions but more of them seemed to appear as reinforcements as the battle raged on.

Dorian was a man possessed, he wielded Ithilin with pure hatred for Dagon. The moonblade obliged cutting through the Demon Princes defenses and biting deep.






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