Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

The Mythal is Restored

Dagon's Avatars are Destroyed

The Whirpool Gate continued to spin out of control, its power tainted by Dagon’s foul ritual to siphon magical energy away from the Mythal and into the whirpool gate. When enough magic was drained from the Mythal it would fail and the Whirpool Gate would open a gateway large enough for Dagon himself to enter the prime material plane. The battle at The Whirpool Gate raged on with the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower pressing what advantage they had with the temporary banishment of The Wrath of Dagon to The Feywild (via Dorian’s Timeless Trek to Mithrendain spell) by surging forward towards the specific summoning circles surrounding the gate itself. As Aravae Daudil – The Coronal had described, each of the three battle standards – Goldenhawk Tower, Cormyr, and Myth Nantar – must be placed in a specific summoning circle in order to break Dagon’s ritual and reverse it to flow the magic from The Whirpool Gate back into The Mythal.


Quill had moved ahead of the rest with his expertly timed teleportations. He got in position inside the summoning circle and thrust The Myth Nantar battle standard he was carrying into the ground. The fragment of The Emerald Eye of Kyron burst into brilliant green light. The swirling maelstrom of The Whirpool Gate fluxed and slowed a bit. The Voice of Dagon who was very near to Quill saw what he did and screamed in fury warning all of Dagon’s Servants to stop the infidels from disrupting Dagon’s ritual. The Voice unleashed a series of deadly attacks on Quill but his powerful wards and defenses held. He was not moved from his spot defending the standard.


Following up on Quill’s maneuver, Shan Val piled on by targeting The Voice with devastating attacks. Already bloodied by Quill’s previous Four Corners attack, The Voice was pounded by Shan Val’s deadly magics and fell before she had a chance to use her action point. But The Voice had alerted all of Dagon’s servants to the party’s plan. Dagon Cultist reinforcements appeared closing in.

Redbeard used a potion of invisibility to escape the fish men of Dagon who had surrounded him. He swiftly swam invisibly to the second summoning circle and prepared to place the Cormyrean battle standard down in place. Likewise Sir Praxis made a daring maneuver whereby he leaped up into the saddle of Tyberious as it flew past him sustaining several deep gashes from the rusty scimitars of the fish men of Dagon in the process. Praxis flew the mighty pegasus through the waters to the final summoning circle. He had The Goldenhawk Tower battle standard held at the ready to put into place.


Redbeard and Praxis raised their standards poised to plant them when all heard a terrible shriek. The Wrath of Dagon had returned from its Timeless Trek to Mithrendain and was filled with rage. The freakish looking creature crouched, its muscled tensed, then it burst into motion, a leaping horror, who closed the distance to the The Whirpool Gate with astonishing speed. The Wrath Howled in Fury and released a powerful blast of fearful pheromones into the water. Redbeard inhaled the pheromones and fear filled his mind. All he could think about was escaping from this horrific abomination. He moved away from the summoning circle at top speed. The Righteous and pure steed, Tyberious, however, was immune to fear and held its ground against the powerful pheromones. Sir Praxis himself was just beyond the reach of the foul blast of pheromones. He swiveled expertly in his saddle to lean back and avoid inhaling their mind clouding evil. Sir Praxis then smiled and drove The Goldenhawk Tower battle standard into the summoning circle. Green light burst to life from the shard of the Emerald Eye of Kyron and The maelstrom of The Whirpool Gate stuttered and slowed again.


But the countdown was continuing and The Whirpool Gate was still opening. Dagon would not be denied until all three standards were in place. The Tendril of Dagon swam up to Quill and attempted to ensnare him in one of his many tentacles, but again Quill’s defenses were too stout. Quill, Dorian, and Shan Val blasted away at the creature and hurt it badly. Fish men of Dagon swam up and surrounded Redbeard. Their rusty rapiers pockmarked his body with wounds and Quill thought of helping but stayed his hand knowing a more terrible onslaught was coming. Shaking off the rapier wounds and the effect of the fearful pheromones, Redbeard gripped the shaft of the Cormyrean battle standard tightly and put it between his legs. With all the suave he could muster Redbeard offered The Wrath a lewd and tawdry marriage proposal that only served to disgust his compatriots and infuriate The Wrath even more. The Wrath tore into Redbeard with its viscous claws but Quill saved him at the last moment by teleporting The Wrath adjacent to The Tendril and forcing the creature to hurt its ally.

With the path cleared, Redbeard moved forward quickly and planted the final standard. A cacaphonous blast of green energy encircled The Whirpool Gate and the swirling maelstrom within it suddenly froze in place. A large crack appeared in The large Idol of Dagon sitting at the center of gate and slowly began to move across the stone statue when suddenly the entire statue shattered. And the Whirlpool Gate began to spin in reverse. The power began to flow back into Mythal and Dagon’s portal began to close.

As everyone stared at The Whirpool Gate, Sir Praxis urged his mount forward. Quill yelled for Praxis to remain guarding his standard, but the brave knight of Torm had other plans. Tyberious swam in around the foes and right past the Wrath of Dagon. Sir Praxis swung his holy sword of Torm in a wide arc cutting a deep gash into side of The Wrath’s hide. Tyberious then pivoted his wings and flew right back to where he started safely occupying the Goldenhawk battle standard space to defend it.

Ignoring its wounds, The Wrath slammed into Redbeard trying to dislodge the stout dwarf from his place of guarding the Cormyrean battle standard. Redbeard grimaced behind clenched teeth and yelled that the creature was not going to move a dwarf. In response The Wrath’s eyes went wide as a blade erupted from his throat. Dorian had moved into position behind The Wrath and used his drad dirge to score a critical hit on the foul creature. As the Wrath of Dagon slumped forward and sunk to the ocean floor, Dorian’s eyes were wild and filled with vengeance. He shouted, ‘Dagon you will pay for all you have done! Do you you hear me? In the name of Jalissa, I shall have my vengeance!’


Dagon cultist reinforcements attempted to bull rush Quill out of his spot and there were some additional attacks by The Tendril and the fish men. But in the end they were unable to remove any of the battle standards and each fell in turn before the swords and spells of The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower.

Licking their wounds and taking a quick moment to study the magics swirling around The Whirpool Gate, the party discovered that they had some options. Shan Val explained to everyone that they could let the magic of Coronal’s enchanted battle standards run its course and close the gate completely preventing Dagon from entering the prime material plane at this spot. But that would not necessarily end the war or prevent Dagon trying to enter some other way. Another option was to let Dagon use his power to complete the ritual and step through the portal arriving in Myth Nantar in a weakened state. Dagon could be battled in in a weakened state and if he was slain would be prevented from coming to this prime material plane for a long long time. The final option is that right before the magical gate closes, the party could step through and travel to Dagon’s presence in his home plane on the Abyss. If Dagon is slain there, he would be destroyed for good.

Redbeard instantly voted for the final option and Dorian quickly seconded him. They wanted to see Dagon pay the ultimate price for his machinations and the evil taint he had spread across Faerun. In the end all agreed and their course of action was clear. Shan Val was able to use his arcana skill to delay the closing of the gate long enough to take a short rest. During that 5 minutes everyone rested and used the power of the restored Mythal to heal themselves completely without having to use any additional healing surges. Sir Praxis had no healing surges left and Shan Val only had one. In order to spread what remaining healing around evenly enough, Shan Val gave up his short rest during the last 5 minutes to cast a ritual that allowed the party to spread out and evenly distribute their remaining surges. So although he was healed, Shan Val did not regain the encounter powers he had used during the battle.

Healed and at least somewhat rejuvenated especially with an action point for everyone (two encounters had been completed since the last extended rest and a milestone had been reached), the party steeled themselves and stepped through the portal as it closed. Everyone knew what they were in for – a one way trip to Dagon’s Lair in The Abyss.




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