Intelligence Reports from Captain Aslerion Symbaern have revealed the following information about these creatures:

Long tentacles of the Aboleth often have threatening reach.
Their powerful attacks often consist of psychic damage.
They often cause daze or domination effects with the slime that coats their tentacles.


Aboleths are hulking amphibious creatures that hail from the Far Realm, a distant and unfathomable plane. They live in the Underdark, swimming through drowned crannies or creeping through lightless tunnels and leaving trails of slimy mucus in their wake. Malevolent and vile, aboleths bend humanoid creatures to their will, and more powerful aboleths can transform their minions into slimy horrors.

A fine haze of mucus suffuses the air around an aboleth’s soft, gelatinous skin. Muscular tentacles sprout from this primeval slug’s enormous, slime-sheathed body. A variable number of eyes, but always more than two, are scattered across its bulk.

Unlike aboleths of lesser lineages, those of Xxiphu can take to the air like fish swim in the sea. The Aboleth of Xxiphu are led by the what is said to be the progenitor of the entire species – The Eldest.


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