Aravae Daudil - The Coronal

The Coronal of Myth Nantar


The Coronal is an epic level sea elf wizard said to be one of the elven high magi. She is magically linked to the Mythal of the city of destinies.



The governing body of Myth Nantar is the Nantarn Council, which is headed by the Coronal, the ruler of the sea elves. The current Coronal is Aravae Daudil, who assumed her office in DR 1358 and has guided her people and her city through the last several centuries with a calm and steady hand. Also holding seats on the Council are the current heads of the various Dukar mage orders and the city’s military, religious, and civilian leaders.

The Coronal is a strikingly beautiful sea elf with long flowing golden hair and pale blue eyes. She is never seen without her wizard’s staff known as “The Deep Oak”, a weathered staff of oak with two large amber gemstones set within the crown. It is a ceremonial token of The Coronal’s office as head of the Nantarn Council as well as an ancient artifact of significant power.

The Coronal is the supreme commander of Myth Nantar’s army and directs it in times of war and peace.

Aravae Daudil - The Coronal

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