Arian Dane

Chief Wizard of Ormpetarr


After tracking Jarath and Elaith to the ruins of Ormpetarr, the party found a ruined building in which the two had apparently found an ancient book. They were attacked by the witch queen Babba Yagga and carried away on her mortar and pestle.

The party uncovered the book, however, which was the spell journal of Arian Dane, Chief Wizard of Ormpetarr before its fall into ruin. The journal has references to an “emerald tower” which was unnearthed in a section of town that pre-dated the human city of Ormpetarr and was from an ancient elven city that was there long ago. The emerald tower was clearly identified as a Shrine of Sehanine Moonbow, the elven moon goddess. Also within the emerald tower was found a creature bound in magical stasis by the elves and interned within the emerald tower. The creature was known as The Sharn but little was known about its origin or history. The Ormpetarr wizards carefully studied the lore and history of the emerald tower intrigued by it.

The end of the spell journal outlines the final days of the city. When Mystra perished, the temporary crack in the weave freed The Sharn. The wizards of Ormpetarr did not realize this until it was too late. The Sharn took over the emerald tower and captured many of the wizards and killing countless others. The captured wizards were turned into abominations – deformed snake like creatures called yuan ti. Arian Dane gathered all the resources he could and launched one final assault on the emerald tower to destroy The Sharn and his minions but that is the final entry.

The date of this is 1385 – about 100 years ago at the birth of the Spellplague.

When The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower were exploring the The Emerald Tower beneath the Yuan ti Temple in the Ruins of Ormpetarr, they encountered an illusionary warning put in place by Arian Dane long ago. It warned to go no further that the Sharn had escaped and to get help. Ormpetarr was lost.

The warning turned out to be true as the party encountered Arian Dane himself in the form of an undead Oath Wight, bound to keep intruders at bay. The party destroyed Arian Dane’s undead form and finally laid him to rest beneath the city that he loved.

Arian Dane

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