Baern Feyhammer


Baern is a level 1 dwarf fighter specializing in pounding on people with axes. Every hit grants him temporary hit points as he hews his way to victory against his foes.


baern feyhammer’s history.

“though there are some details that baern seems to remember from his early dwarfhood, most if it lies in a shroud of misty uncertainty. what he does remember has been overlaid with the words and stories of those who raised him, the deeply hidden fey in the heart of aglarond – the yuirwood elves. how baern came to be raised in yuirwood’s depths has been a question baern has yearned to have answered for decades. though the elves were kindly and excellent teachers, the answer to this core question seemed to always flit away in the reverie of the forest around them.

once, when he was younger and full of inner frustration, baern stood forth in brash dwarven fury and demanded a straight, clear answer. the forest around him suddenly silenced, elf, leaf and bird becoming still. with all eyes on him, each elf gently melded into the forest-scape and did not return to baern’s gaze for nearly a week. when they returned to his eye, baern had learned in his solitude that though the elves cared for and raised him as best they could, he would not get the answers he seeked from them.

no one elf ever claimed baern as an adopted child or treated as such, perhaps such things are simply beyond the understanding of the fey. nonetheless, many became loving mentors and playmates, teaching him the ways of the wood and fey as best a dwarf could know. if nothing else, baern’s love of gentle craft, delicate wines and a cool evening breeze was evident by the time he decided to make his own way. perhaps the greatest gift the elves imparted was their blessing for his path to be his own. though the thought of battleraging seemed ever beyond their ken, they honored his choice of martial expression and did what they could to test and teach him – including teaching him his birth language. by the end of last summer, when baern decided he needed to travel in the world as his own dwarf, he stepped onto his path with the certitude that comes with a strong, care-full youth.

he has been on the road for the last 2 months on a somewhat directionless path, letting the winds of the world lead him where they would. such is his heart at this season.

Baern fought alongside other adventurer folk who rose up to fight back the hobgoblin hordes in defense of the town of Brindol. He died bravely fighting against Sinruth and the Red Hand. His body is buried in the graveyard of the town of Brindol.

Baern Feyhammer

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