Human Commander Accordant


Human warrior with powerful spellscar powers.

Spellplague Touch – damge and ongoing force damage

Spellplague Orb – Similar ranged attack

Spellplague Spirit – Brynholft becomes a spirit of blue fire can move through enemies spaces and deliver a spellplague touch attack.

Blue Fire Succor – Heals himself and allies


The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower encountered Brynholft in the swamps of The Plaguetouched Lands surrounding the ruins of Ormpetarr. He is the leader of a fanatical cult called The Order of the Blue Fire which worships the spellplague. His group of followers ambushed the party using the Spellplague as a weapon against them. The party slew the ambush party except for Brynholft and a human female wizard. They were left alive after they bartered their lives for the secrets of using arcane magic in the Plaguedtouched Lands.

The party encountered Brynholft again finding him in chains in the Emerald Tower. He begged for his life and for the party to free him while they were battling the Yuan Ti inside the temple. Quill ignored him at first until the battle was won. Then the party decided to free Brynholft and his compatriot Dalila and let them return to the swamps of the Plaguetouched Lands or wherever they chose to go.


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