Captain Aslerion Symbaern

Gold Elf Captain of Elven Submarine


A paragon level Swordmage.


Captain Aslerian is from the noble gold elf house of Symbaern. He captains the elven ship Amlaruil’s Tears, a sleek ship made of metal and crystal that can sail beneath the waves and above. Captain Aslerion was patrolling the Sea of Fallen Stars and investigating the raids of bugbear pirates on the high seas and coastal villages. Captain Aslerion claims to be a close friend of Quill’s father, Jarath. He spoke to Quill in private offerring news of his father and offered to improve his swordmage blade. Quill took him up on the offer and learned that his father had last been sighted down in Ankhapur.

Captain Aslerion was also quite interested in the news about The Cult of Dagon that the party described to him and of the fate of Ashenport. After meeting and talking with the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower he said he was going to travel to Ashenport and further investigate what happened there. He was concerned of links between Dagon and Xxiphu and the Abolethic Sovereignty.

Captain Aslerion Symbaern

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