Davaros Darkblade

AKA Marcos Sanchez - Netherese Agent


Paragon Level Swordmage


Davaros Darkblade is the twin brother of Sithian Darkblade. The two look almost exactly alike. A Netherese agent working for Prince Shadar, he was working to infiltrate Amn and further Netherese influence in the region. He was posing as Marcos Sanchez, an Amnian Knight from a wealthy family, in order to compete in the jousting tournament and to get close to the Barbosa Family.

When Praxis and The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower met Marcos Sanchez he seemed to recognize the Goldenhawk Tower code of arms on Dorian’s shield and Quill’s Sword. He was also very interested in the diamond bracers and elven boots that were the prizes in the Jousting Tournament.

Marcos Sanchez was defeated by Praxis in the final joust of the tournament. They crossed swords again when Davaros beat them to the secret library of the Cowled Wizards and tried to blame the intrusion on The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. In the end Davaros was slain.

Davaros Darkblade

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