Deep Sashelas

The Elven God of The Sea


Most sea elves worship Deep Sashelas, Sailor’s Friend, the Dolphin Prince (exarch of Corellon). It was Deep Sashelas, so the legends tell, who first created the sea elves by allowing surface elves to transform themselves into the Alu’Tel’Quessir.

Deep Sashelas is the elf patron deity of aquatic elves. He is also a god of creation, knowledge, beauty, and magic. His holy symbol is a dolphin.

Deep Sashelas is most popular among aquatic elves, though land-dwelling elves do recognize him as a member of the elven pantheon, and elven sailors often offer sacrifices to ensure their safety on sea voyages.

Deep Sashelas’s clerics wear sea green vestments and shell mail. His sacred animal is the dolphin, and his favored weapon is the trident.

Deep Sashelas is worshipped in undersea coral temples.

Priests of Sashelas frequently conduct shark-hunting rituals.

Holy Days
Priests of Deep Sashelas time their services to coincide with the highest and lowest tides.

Deep Sashelas

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