Sea Elf Noble in trade negotiations with the Cormyreans


Delgaunt is a sea elf living in a keep in the elf quarter of Myth Nantar.

The Coronal asked the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower to meet with Delgaunt after the Battle of Sharksbane Wall.

“Thank you for accepting my request for a meeting,” says the noble as he offers you a globe of fine wine and some delicious caviar. "This is a matter of some… sensitivity, so I hope you will forgive me for pulling you away from the headquarters area for this discussion.
“I will be brief: Myth Nantar has been hosting some very important, and very secret, guests for the last several tendays. They are from the Forest Kingdom of Cormyr.”

Delgaunt nods towards Dorian and says, “I imagine that you can now appreciate why I asked for you in particular.”

“We have been negotiating a treaty of mutual military support and certain valuable trade agreements with the Cormyrean delegation, led by Phariel, a man of great influence. Of course, our discussions were interrupted by the rude arrival of those abominations, but the proposed terms of the alliance are not what I am worried about right now.”

“You see, I could not risk the safety of our guests, so I sent my personal guard to watch over them at their lodgings in the Trade Quarter. That area is far from the fighting and the buildings are in the best shape for surfacers to enjoy. I hoped that our army would deal with this … interruption … quickly and then we would be able to resume our negotiations.”

“Unfortunately, I have not heard from either the delegation or my guards for some hours, and several of my best couriers have also failed to return. I fear that something terrible has happened.”

“Quite aside from the risk of a diplomatic disaster, I am simply appalled at the notion that a visiting noble under my protection could have met with foul play. My reputation would be ruined. I would consider it a great personal favor if you would look into this matter and do everything in your power to ensure the safety of our Cormyrean guests.”

The party agreed to help Delgaunt and see what has become of the Cormyrean delegation.


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