Dorian Bladesinger

Half Elf Bard


Dorian has striking facial features, brilliant sapphire eyes and golden blond hair. He is slim, but not thin by elven standards. He looks more elven than human, often getting confused as a Sun Elf. Legends say that he has been blessed by a striking likeness to Corellon Larathian, the father of all elves and elven magic.

His personality is also striking. He is courteous when needed, often quips witty jokes, sings in a resonant baritone and has uncanny virtuosic skill with most musical instruments. He defeated a devil to a musical duel on the road to Amn, saving his friend Shan Val from nasty consequences. When evil rears it’s ugly head, Dorians eyes become steely and focuses all his arcane fury to destroy evil before him.

Since joining the knights of goldenhawk tower, he has kept trophies and chronicled their adventures.


Dorian was raised in Cormyr by his mother, Aurora. Her mother often talked of Dorian’s estranged father, who was a powerful hero for good in the realms. Because of his enemies, Dorian’s father’s identity was kept secret to him, even after Aurora’s passing. Dorian then left Cormyr in search for adventure and any possible clues to help him find his father. By Corellon’s guidance he has joined the knights of Goldenhawk tower and has performed countless heroic deeds. Dorian was a whimsical fun loving bard until his heart was broken with the death of Jalissa in Ashenport. Since then he has been more severe in his treatment of evil. He has been inducted into the ranks of the Tor Anor Arator (the sun champions), the secret society of Sun Elf heroes who’s mission is to destroy evil from the realms. Considering Dorian is a half elf, this induction undoubtedly will raise contraversy since some Sun elves have a high value on racial purity. Dorian has recently met his Father Elaith Craulnober, freed him from Baba Yaga’s Hut and is now on a mission to complete his father’s quest to restore the weave and reverse the spell plague.

Dorian Bladesinger

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