Draco Diego

Wealthy Amnian - Secret Paladin of Torm


Heroic Level Paladin of Torm


Draco Diego is of the Crimmor Diego’s. His father runs the Crescent Moon Trading Company and is extremely wealthy. Although young, Draco is a formidable foe because of all the expensive magic items he uses. Draco has been part of the jet set in Athkatla and has been courting Lady Isabella Barbosa. He was incensed and angry with Praxis at every turn. Praxis beat him fairly in the grand jousting tournament. Praxis stole Lady Isabella’s affections away from Draco. After challenging Praxis to a personal duel, he was forced to flee. Draco thought that he was the paladin of Torm referred to in the prophecy when it turned out to be Praxis. Draco always seemed to hold a serious grudge against Praxis and by association The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. In the end he sided with them to help The Emerald Cabal overthrow The Cowled Wizards and to defeat the second coming of Bane.

Draco was relieved when Praxis and The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower left Amn. He has hopes of re-igniting his courtship of Lady Isabella and restoring the church of Torm to Amn.

Draco Diego

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