Dukar Elisia

Female Sea Elf Dukar - priestess of Deep Sashelas


Female Sea Elf

Paragon Level Cleric of Deep Sashelas


Dukar Elisia is a Dukar of Myth Nantar meaning she is responsible for keeping the peace within the city. She and her fellow Dukar’s act as a civil police force. They investigate crimes, arrest lawbreakers, and keep the peace.

Elisia is shapely with bright fiery red hair. Her keen green eyes don’t miss anything. Although tough and seasoned through her 100 years as a Dukar, she has a softer side that she presents to those she considers her friends.

Elisia met the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower after their battle with the Tsochar infested Cormyreans. After the party got the correct brains of the Cormyreans back into their proper heads, Dukar Elisia used the Mythal to heal their wounds and bring them back to life.

Dukar Elisia was impressed with the party and in particular was quite taken by Dorian, focusing most of her attention on him.

Dukar Elisia

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