Elaith Craulnober

aka "The Serpent" - Tall sun elf noble who looks like Dorian


Elaith “The Serpent” Craulnober has had many titles throughout his storied life. He was born to a noble sun elf family on the Isle of Evermeet. There he was the Captain of the King’s Guard and betrothed to Princess Amnestria, daughter of King Zaor and Queen Amlaruil. A great mystery surrounds what happened next but Elaith surrendered his post in The King’s Guard, left Amnestria and everything in Evermeet and came to Waterdeep. Very soon thereafter King Zaor was assassinated and Evermeet’s sad Queen Amlaruil began to rule in his place. Elaith was a changed man in Waterdeep creating a fearsome and ruthless reputation as a power broker in The City of Splendors. He built an empire within the city of spies, informants, and illicit activities. He dealt in magic items and information and charged serious coin for both. His vengeance is legendary. Only fools cross him willingly. Elaith has honed his reputation to a point where he is nigh untouchable in the City of Waterdeep. He is also the owner of a large portion of the city and numerous magical trinkets, not to mention a fortune in gold. Elaith often prefers to hire mercenaries to perform his illegal activities for him.

The party had a surprising run in with some townsfolk in Ankhapur that had been roughly treated by Elaith and Jarath. These same townsfolk mistook Dorian and Quill for Elaith and Jarath respectively leading Dorian to suspect that Elaith may be his long lost father that he has been searching for.

The party tracked Elaith down and found him trapped in the prison of Baba Yaga’s Hut. They freed him and Dorian had a reunion of sorts with his father. Both seemed confident that they were father and son, but Elaith never knew about Dorian and Dorian’s mother never told him who his father was other than an elven hero.

Elaith impressed upon the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower the importance of their quest to destroy the Spellplague. He implored them to carry the torch that he and Quill’s father Jarath had started. He and Jarath then left the Hut in order to pick up the pieces of their broken lives after being imprisoned over a year by Baba Yaga.


Elaith Craulnober

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