Elena the Fair - Foster Daughter of Baba Yaga


Powerful witch.


Before meeting Elena, the party heard the following rumors:

From Natasha:
Elena is my sister. Elena used to be known as Elena the Fair because she is very beautiful. But now they call her Elena the Mad. She has lost her mind and is very dangerous. She threatens me, she threatens anyone who lives in The Dancing Hut. But she is still Baba Yaga’s adopted daughter. And Baba Yaga is still very fond of her so I cannot move against her directly.

The Dark Deal:
The party made a deal with Natasha to kill Elena in exchange for directions to Jarath and Elaith.

From Ivan:
Ages ago, Baba Yaga came upon a young girl named Elena and took her in. The girl came to be known as Elena the Fair because of her kind nature and propensity for helping others. She lived in the hut for years, along with Natasha, her foster “sister,” whom the old crone took in around the same time.

Although Elena and Natasha were both the adopted daughters of Baba Yaga, they couldn’t be more different. Elena was happy, friendly, and kind. Natasha embraced darkness and enjoyed abusing Elena emotionally, though she never raised her hand directly against her fairer sister.

Eventually, Natasha left the hut and became known as Iggwilv. Not long afterward, Baba Yaga started spending more time outside the hut, leaving Elena alone there. I think Elena was very lonely for a very long time, but then this Jayden Thull fellow came into the picture. She says she has fallen in love with him.

But Elena’s mind has gone funny now. She has been acting very strangely. Some would call it crazy. The Denizens of the Hut have taken to calling her Elena the Mad. She is never without Jayden Thull these days and her sister Natasha has returned to the Hut. Very curious business. I never though Natasha would return here.

The party discovered that Jayden Thull was actually a passion devil who was infiltrating Babba Yaga’s Hut for his patron, The Lady Fierna. By slaying Jayden, his dark hold over Elena was broken and the fog over her personality and sanity was lifted. In thanks, Elena helped the party by allowing them to continue their journey in The Hut and turning a blind eye to their activities. She even taught Dorian a magical song after he got on her good side by giving her a gift of an enchanted music box.

Elena is a powerful practitioner of dream magic. She helped Quill delve into the strange dreams he was having and try to make sense of them.


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