Essyl Merynth

The Mad Coronal of Myth Nantar


A Ghost of the ancient ruler of Myth Nantar


After investigating the source of drowned dead zombies that have been harassing the defenders of Myth Nantar, The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower helped Shenarra Pearl, the Coronal’s Handmaiden, track the source to this ancient sea elf crypt. She said this of the Mad Coronal:

In ancient times our people used to inter Coronals and other leaders there. The most famous was Essyl Merynth, known as the Mad Coronal when he was alive, apparently for good reason, although I don’t know the details.

No one ever goes there any more, because about a hundred years ago some followers of Oghma were researching the old stories of the Mad Coronal and discovered that the tomb had been ransacked. They said that the sarcophagi were broken out from the inside, a most disturbing thought. As far as I know, it’s been quiet ever since, but perhaps there was something more that the scholars never discovered.

Essyl Merynth

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