A Satyr who was brought to La Isla Calipha by The Caliph himself. Faunus used the fey magic of his haunting pipes to enthrall prisoners of The Caliph and herd them like chattel in the soylent green fields of the island. The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower captured Faunus when they put an end to the pleasure island of La Isla Calipha. There was much consternation and doubt amongst the group in trying to arrive at the fate of Faunus. Shan Val, Dorian, and Quagmire wanted to set him free believing that his fey nature made him unable to understand what he did wrong. Quill and Praxis were determined to make him answer for his evil deeds. In the end Praxis handed the satyr over to the Church of Torm in Westgate.

The Trial of Faunus included a powerful and heart felt defense by Quagmire who had his own dark history with prisons and the law. But in the end justice prevailed and The High Magistrate and The Lord High Bailiff determined that he must pay for his crimes in the Prisons of Westgate’s Torm Citadel.

Quagmire was crushed by the verdict and almost hatched a plot to try and break him out of prison but cooler heads prevailed. So the party left Westgate for Amn and said goodbye to Faunus, leaving him to his fate.



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