Gozu Mendok


A 5th level Goliath Fighter who specialized in carving enemies up with his executioner’s axe.


Gozu Mendok was an original member of the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower who defended the town of Brindol from the Hobgoblins of the Red Hand. Gozu was touched by the power of The Recurve and blessed with an enormous strength by the power of Kord himself. Considered a hero in Brindol, a large statue of him and the other Knights of Goldenhawk Tower can be found in the town’s Hall of Justice.

Gozu fought hard alongside his friends to face the terrors unleashed in the small mountain village of Pandarahan during their Feast of the Dead. He continued on with the party down to the coast where they came upon the small fishing village of Ashenport. There Gozu helped uncover a terrible secret about the town. All of the inhabitants worshiped the Cult of Dagon. After destroying the Cult of Dagon, Gozu found himself in an empty town. The rest of the party chose to move on and sail away from the horrors of Ashenport, but not Gozu. Gozu Mendok decided it was too good an opportunity. An empty town ready to molded in his image of what a good town should be.

Gozu Mendok left the company of the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower and has stayed behind in the sea village and renamed it Gozuton. Viscount Mendok rules the town with a steady hand hoping to bring prosperity and hope back to the dark and evil place.

Gozu Mendok

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