Orc leader in command of Sons of Gruumsh Keep


This tall and rather civilized looking orc was in charge of the island keep on Lake Esmel of The Sons of Gruumsh. He led the initial assault on Esmerelterran and was in charge of maintaining martial law in the city for The Cowled Wizards. He met his end during the assault on the keep by The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower.

In his room in the keep, Dorian used a read languages ritual to decipher a series of letters written in giant:

Dear Grimgrot,

I hope your campaign in the North goes well. Barbosa has kept his word and delivered much treasure and goods to the Small Teeth. The whole tribe eats well every day. Your sons grow strong. Why just the other day Gut Stringer strangled a wild boar with his bare hands. I was so proud. He is looking more like you with each passing day. Stay strong and bring glory to the Sons of Gruumsh.

Forever Yours,
Garona Pel

A second letter with the ink still wet:

Dearest Garona,

The campaign in Esmerelteran goes well indeed. We have stormed the city and are imposing our will upon these weak human and halfling fools. The early going was tough but once the powerful wizard and warriors opposed to Barbosa were slain or captured, the whole town fell into line. Such weakness. It is pitiful. We have occupied a small keep on an island on Lake Esmel. I have made quite a nice home of it. But I miss you my dearest.




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