The Drunken Rat


A giant white rat the size of a cat. He seems inquisitive and twitchy. He can speak the common tongue.

Ivan was encountered in Baba Yaga’s wine cellar. He was found there roaming the cellars trying to open some of the fine spirits. His lack of opposable digits makes his love of alcohol a tragic dilemma. The party helped him by opening some Vodka bottles for him and he was most appreciate. He told many secrets about the Hut including how to use the portals to go back to a room you have been to before.

The party left 2 freed slaves – a half orc and elf girl in the wine cellars with Ivan to help him by opening bottles for him. In exchange he said he would look after them until the party returns.

Later the 2 freed slaves and the Pegasus freed from the Menagerie were sent back to the Goldenhawk using the magic portal in the Observatory. In the observatory Ivan identified the kobold corpse as being that of Grik.


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