Deceased - herbalist in the town of Brindol


Jalissa is a young half elf woman who lived in the town of Brindol. She ran an herbalist shop and dabbled in making potions and performing ritual magic. When The Red Hand attacked Brindol she was taken prisoner by the hobgoblins and imprisoned in Rivenroar Keep. It was there that the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower first encountered her. They rescued her from the hobogblins and she was forever grateful. Jalissa formed a close bond with one of their number – Dorian Bladesinger. Having business on the coast and feeling more safe travelling with the party, Jalissa traveled with them to Pandarahan and got mixed up in the terrible happenings there. After surviving the harrowing experieiences there she soldiered on to Ashenport where fate dealt her a terrible hand. She was kidnapped by the Cult of Dagon and offered to Dagon as an unholy vessel to carry his seed. After discovering she had been kidnapped, Dorian led the Knights to rush to her aid. Unfortunately they took too long. Perhaps if they had rushed in to save her they would have arrived in time, but their methodical and careful approach took too long causing Jalissa to be lowered into a well and subjected to the seed of Dagon. Dorian raised Jalissa up and out of the well but it was too late. She had already been inseminated by Dagon’s unholy seed. Jalissa pleaded with Dorian to kill her. She did not want to bring Dagon’s evil into the world. With a heavy heart Dorian slew Jalissa rather than let her live to become Dagon’s evil vessel.

Jalissa is buried next to the newly restored grove of Chauntea in Gozuton. A lovingly crafted headstone was commissioned by Dorian and marks her burial place.



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