Quill's Father


Paragon Level Swordmage


Jarath raised Quill from infancy in Aglarond and taught him the art of sword and spell. They look very similar now that Quill has grown into adulthood. Quill’s father disappeared years ago with little explanation other than saying he had important business to attend to and that he would return. He left Quill in the care of the elves of the Yuirwood with whom he was on good terms.

Quill has travelled far and wide in search of his father and is getting close. He believes that his father may be imprisoned in Baba Yaga’s Hut.

Quill found his father inside the Hut and set him free from Baba Yaga’s prisons. After an unfortunately short reunion, Jarath left the Hut in order to pick of the pieces of his life after being imprisoned over a year.


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