Jayden Thull

Human Lover of Elena the Mad


Human Swordsman.


The party gained the following info about Jayden from Ivan:

Jayden Thull came to Baba Yaga’s Hut recently. He seems to spend most of his time with Elena the Mad. It is said she has fallen in love with him. Jayden seems to always be at her side these days protecting her.

When exploring the observatory, the party discovered a recently dead kobold whose body had been hidden away in one of the glass globes. A ritual revealed proof that a tall human was responsible for murdering the kobold and trying (unsuccessfully) to manipulate the observatory.

After interrupting the orc tea party in Elena’s Chambers, Dorian identified the handsome human swordsman sitting next to Elena as Jayden Thull, the murderer seen in the ritual images.

A battle ensued with the party killing Jayden Thull and revealing his true form – that of a Passion Devil. Through a Speak with Dead ritual it was determined that he was sent from the Nine Hells to infiltrate the Hut and learn its secrets. The passion Devil’s real name is Karik. He was sent by his mistress Fierna, Queen of Phelegethos.

Jayden Thull

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