Khuralosothantar "The Protector"

Ancient Brass Dragon - Defender of Myth Nantar


Ancient Brass Dragon


An ancient brass dragon named Khuralosothantar has laired on Mount Halaath for over a thousand years. When the Spellplague lowered the Sea of Fallen Stars, part of the mountain was exposed to the air, including the dragon’s cave. Khuralos used to be known as “the Protector” for his willingness to aid the people of Myth Nantar, but he has not been heard from for hundreds of years. If ever the Protector was needed, now is the time.

The Coronal provided The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower with a map to the dragon’s lair and has asked them to convince the mighty dragon to come to Myth Nantar’s aid or at least find some item of power in the creature’s huge treasure horde that could aid the war.

After parlaying with some kobolds to gain entry, the party found the ancient brass dragon asleep in its lair. Before they could finish conducting a ritual to wake the mighty creature, the dragon was attacked by the forces of Xxiphu and the Abolethic Sovereignty.

The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower fought off the aberrant creatures and then completed the ritual of awakening. Dorian Bladesinger parlayed with the dragon beseeching its aid to help Myth Nantar in its time of need.

The mighty Dragon took some convincing but agreed in the end to help and joined the war on the side of Myth Nantar.

Khuralosothantar "The Protector"

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