Phariel Alsevir

Cormyrean Nobleman leading a trade delegation to Myth Nantar


Human Nobleman of Cormyr


The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower have not met Phariel yet but are looking for him in relation to the mystery surrounding the Cormyrean Trade Delegation in Myth Nantar. During their investigation they found his journal and gleaned the following:

A Cormyrean Noble’s Journal

You have discovered the personal journal of Phariel Alsevir, a young nobleman of Suzail. Phariel was sent to open trade negotiations with Myth Nantar on behalf of the Forest Kingdom, bringing with him two Purple Dragon Knights, Agror and Rathien, and a War Mage, Duwyn.

Phariel is a meticulous chronicler, detailing each day what he and his companions ate, where they went, who they spoke to, and other details. You get the sense from reading his thoughts that Phariel is both curious and quite perceptive.

Phariel has a great deal to say about his companions as well. Of the two Knights, Agror is consistently described with words like “courageous” and “the bravest man I ever met.” Rathien, on the other hand, is described as “friendly and talkative.” Reading through their exploits, Agros seems like the one who usually gets into trouble, while Rathien seems to favor diplomacy, only resorting to the sword when necessary.

As for the War Wizard, Phariel is reticent in his descriptions of her. There is a sense that perhaps the two of them were romantically involved at one point, but the relationship may be over. Phariel perhaps feels some guilt over this; although details are scarce, he regularly mentions that Duwyn is “generous” and “forgiving.”

Phariel’s diary also reveals that he had a personal reason for coming to Myth Nantar. He believes that he is a descendant of an ancient Royal Mage of Cormyr named Jorunhast who was exiled from his homeland and eventually settled in Myth Nantar. Though Jorunhast’s name was cleared, he chose not to return to Cormyr and instead lived out the rest of his days in the City of Destinies, even serving on the Nantarn Council.

According to Phariel’s research, Jorunhast had a personal research library and alchemical lab elsewhere in the city. Perhaps you are not the first to read this journal…

With their only tangible lead pointing to Jorunhast’s Library, the knights of Goldenhawk Tower again got he help of their sea elf guide Sauriel Silverkelp, The Coronal’s Handmaiden to find the ancient library.

Phariel Alsevir

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