Pringo Cob Nobber

Female Hobbit = rescued from Sons of Gruumsh dungeon on Lake Esmel stronghold


Some kind of Rogue with thievery skills.


A female hobbit from Esmelterran in Amn. While trying to break into the Sons of Gruumsh Lake Esmel Stronghold, Pringo Cob Nobber was captured. Her original intentions on breaking in were not fully ascertained from the party but she was most probably simply trying to rob the place. She was locked in the dungeons of the keep. Lucky for her after not too long after her imprisonment, the Goldenhawk Knights arrived and sacked the entire keep, killing every orc and cowled wizard in the place. Quagmire made a deal with Pringo to guard the other prisoners who were all in pretty bad shape until the party could clear he keep. She held her end of the bargain up and was rewarded by Quagmire with a gem of some worth.

Pringo Cob Nobber

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