Human Wizard - Deceased


Paragon Level Human Wizard


Quagmire is from the country of Amn. He was persecuted as a young lad for his interest in magic. He joined The Emerald Cabal in Esmerelteran and fought against the tyranny of The Cowled Wizards. His persecution by the wizards was too much. Fearing for his life, Quagmire left his home country and traveled abroad, hoping one day to return when things turned for the better. He traveled far and wide, meeting with a group of heroes and starting an adventure company.

Known as the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower, the group eventually found its way back to Quagmire’s homeland of Amn. His old hobbit friend betrayed him to Don Diego Barbosa, the head of The Cowled Wizards. Barbosa spirited Quagmire away from his friends by means of a magic chair that he was tricked into sitting upon by the hobbit traitor. Quagmire was imprisoned in Spellhold and terrible things were done to him by the cowled wizards and their Banite allies.

Eventually Quagmire was freed from Spellhold by The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. Instead of rejoining them, however, he decided to stay in Amn and help The Emerald Cabal finish the Cowled Wizards for good.

After the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower finished their exploration of Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut, Quagmire found the group once again and rejoined them. He and the other Knights were quickly embroiled in the war for Myth Nantar. The war was to be Quagmire’s undoing, however. In a deadly battle with an ancient Eye of The Deep, Quagmire was hit by a death ray fired from one of the beholder’s many eye stalks.


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