A dwarven barbarian who has harnessed the power of his spellscars. He fuels his attacks with rage.


Redbeard is an agent of the The Emerald Cabal. He has fought long and hard against the oppression of The Cowled Wizards in Amn. He was captured by them and thrown in prison in the dungeons of an orc keep run by The Sons of Gruumsh on a small island on Lake Esmel. It was there that Redbeard was freed from the orcish dungeons by The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. Redbeard vowed to repay their kindness by joining their quest to free Quagmire from the evil clutches of The Cowled Wizards.

After freeing Quagmire from Spellhold, Redbeard decided to stay with the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower and leave Amn. He adventured with them into the vast expanse of Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut. It was there he met the Night Hag, Auntie Blackbreath and fell in love. When the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower left The Hut, Redbeard elected to stay behind to live in the Hut with Auntie Blackbreath.

The two happily lived in Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut for some time with Redbeard occasionally using the Scrying Chamber in The Hut to check on his old friends. When the war for Myth Nantar began, Redbeard started watching very closely very concerned for his friends. When it seemed that in the battle with an Eye of The Deep, that they were not going to make it out alive, he went into action. He used the scrying chamber to open a gate to the battle and leaped through to lend his aid.


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