Sauriel Silverkelp

Handmaiden to the Coronal of Myth Nantar


Sea Elf Priestess of Deep Sashelas


The Coronal of Myth Nantar sent her handmaiden, Sauriel, to lead the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower to the keep of the Noble Sea Elf Delgaunt in the elf ward of Myth Nantar. Then she led them to the trade ward to visit with the Cormyrean Trade Delegation at their manor house. She then led them to the library of Jorunhast.

On a separate occasion Sauriel led the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower to the Lair of Khuralosothantar “The Protector” in order for them to beseech his aid on behalf of the Coronal.

Sauriel Silverkelp

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