Sea Devil - The Chief Sahuagin Deity


Sekolah is a powerful devil and the primary deity worshiped by the sahuagin race. His sacred animal is the shark. His holy symbol is a white shark or a dorsal fin rising from the water.

Sekolah resembles nothing so much as a 35-foot-long (11 m) great white shark. He can normally be found hunting giant squid and other prey that he finds suitably challenging.

Sekolah is a rapacious monster who cares nothing, one way or the other, for any race but the sahuagin. Deep Sashelas hates him in particular, however. Demogorgon reviles Sekolah, although he does not act against him directly. Sekolah has nothing to do with the long-imprisoned Anguileusis.

The Great Shark permits the sahuagin to form temporary pacts with other evil deities; he cares little as long as he continues to receive regular sacrifices from his priestesses.

Sekolah’s realm Sheyruushk is located in Stygia, the fifth of the Nine Hells. The sahuagin petitioners in Shreyruushk surround Sekolah in perfect geometric formations, and any who fall out of line are eaten. Sekolah is a crafty, evil beast, and has been known to surface to converse with (and devour) baatezu ambassadors to the monarch of the deep.

Sekolah represents uncaring force and brutality. He is also a fertility god.

The vast majority of Sekolah’s worshipers are sahuagin, although members of the aquatic, formally human race known as the aventi are sometimes also seduced by his promises of power.

Sekolah’s priests, who are all female, wear gray-white colors. Their favored weapon is the trident. They lead raiding parties and take their choice of the spoils after the nobles have had their share. The shark-god is worshiped in natural caverns at the highest and lowest tides. Sahuagin sacrifice both defeated enemies and valuable jewelry to Sekolah whenever possible, the priests officiating at these rituals. Sekolah’s church follows a rigid, tyrannical hierarchy in which status is determined through ritual combat.

The Jaws of Sekolah
This order of sahuagin blackguards spreads terror throughout the seas in the name of their patron Sekolah. The Jaws of Sekolah were once led by the legendary cleric known only as the Red One.

Temples to Sekolah are built of stone or coral. The most humble temples, built by sahuagin in exile, are little more than rude caves. The greatest are decorated with mosaics of sharks and sahuagin dancing joyfully, decorated with seashells, mother-of-pearl, and actual pearls and featuring windows made from crystal.

A large bowl, ideally built beneath a statue of Sekolah, is used for offerings and divination. There are chambers for the priestesses to dwell in, barracks for the guards, eating halls, and libraries filled with shells and tablets inscribed with sacred texts and eelhide scrolls bearing the history of the settlement.


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