Shan Val


A fey pact, human warlock, Shan Val likes to blast his enemies and whisp away while taking a sip of his wine and straightening his fine jacket.


Shan Val is an original joining member of the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower who defeated Sinruth and the Red Hand to save the town of Brindol.

An excerpt from the journal of Shanar Valdarian
Whom can I trust? It is only on these pages that I can place the truth as I know it, and even what I know to be true is in doubt.
Even writing this down is a risk, some person may stumble upon it one day and if they let slip whom I am then I will be hunted once again.
I am Shanar Valdarian Ususi. I was raised In secret by the devil worshipping Sect of Uthal in Deep Imaskar to supplant my sister, Empress Ususi so I could return High Imaskar to the old ways and unite Deep Imaskar and High Imaskar. I have been told that I am also a direct descendent of the wizard who founded Deep Imaskar, Lord Ilphemon. I have also been told that my sister does not know I exist.
As far as I have been able to uncover, I was stolen from my mother when I was born by a midwife loyal to Uthal. A dead babe was placed in my mother’s arms and she mourned my loss. My parent then sired my sister whom now sits on the Purple throne.
I was trained to rule from the day I learned to walk, schooled in history, magic, law, and all the protocols that one of a noble birth must know. I was told that one day, when I was old enough, the corrupt powers that ruled our people would bow before my coming. I worked hard from a young age preparing. I never saw any my own age, and the only person whom showed me any real love, or human emotion of any kind was my nursemaid Telathar. She was a wonderful woman. She told me stories of the outside world, of heroes and good triumphing over evil. She also taught me about devils and whom the scholars and people around me truly were.
On the eve of my fourteenth birthday she woke me “You are in great danger Shan! They intend to bind you to the devil Uthal, and through that control you! Go now! Run!”
I trusted her completely, and as I gathered what few items I had the sage Uther, leader of the scholars came into my room with several of his minions. They escorted me through the keep to a chamber I had never seen before. the far end of the room held an altar upon which a woman’s body lay. Many of the people I had know all my life where gathered in a circle in the center of the chamber.
When Uther entered, he handed me to a man in a robe and dark mask. They dragged me to the center of the room and chained me to the floor. Uther now wearing a robe himself went to the altar and tore the heart from the dead woman and began to draw a pentacle around me with the blood. He then drew a second pentacle opposite me. I swore at them demanding they free me. Ordering them to let me free, begging for my freedom, but they kept chanting.
In the second pentacle I saw a shimmering, then a form taking shape. I can’t begin to describe what it was. It was like a man, only far more hideous that I could imagine, and far more beautiful than I have words to express. It spoke to me, but I could not understand what it said. I called to me and I longed to go to it, but I recoiled in horror. The stories Telathar had told me of heroes rang in my mind, the stories of the Black nine fighting the demon lords, the Elves of Myth Drannor and Silverymoon fighting the hordes of hell, all of the stories she had whispered to me as I drifted off to sleep. I fought. I fought with every ounce of will I could muster screaming curses at it. I could feel it though. It was entering me. I was becoming part of it and I could feel it’s cold presence seeping through my veins like molten iron.
I can’t clearly recall what happened next. I remember a scream that wasn’t my own, and Telathar standing next to me. She was wearing armor and was glowing like an angel. She turned and struck down one of the sages who rushed forward, grabbed me and we stepped through a veil and were gone . A wild shriek of rage rang in my ears from whatever it was in the other circle.
We appeared in a nearby tunnel. Telathar lead me up and out into the world outside of Deep Imaskar for the first time in my life. Still I felt the grip of whatever fiend it was in my soul. I could feel it coming for me, leading its minions towards where we stood. I gasped a warning to Telathar, and she brought me to a nearby copse of woods. In the middle of the woods we entered a circle of mushrooms, and once again, we shifted. The world became brighter, more vivid. I can’t say much about it, it all became a blur. I know that I was brought to a court where I was treated as an honored guest for years. How many? I have no idea. Time passed strangely there. The healers purged me of the demons touch to the best of their powers and replaced it with a bit of their fey powers.
Why I was released I do not know or understand. I believe I was told by the court, but I can’t clearly remember. They gave me some gold, and returned me to the mortal lands and here I am trying to make my way. I live in fear of discovery. I live in fear of the ice I feel deep inside my soul where the devil still has at least one claw. I will rally though. I will survive and learn. I will live, and I will be free. No one will chain me again.

Shan Val

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