Sithian Darkblade

Netherese Shadow Mage


Heroic Level Shadow Mage and Sword Mage


Sithian is a Netherese Shadow mage who set up an operation excavating the ruin of Goldenhawk Tower in the mountains outside of the town of Brindol. Sithian was attempting to recover and use an ancient artifact known as The Recurve.

In order to keep interlopers out of his affairs he stirred up the local hobgoblin tribes and helped them attack the town of Brindol. Sithian used the name “The Emissary” in his dealings with Sinruth, the hobgoblin chief of the Red Hand.

Sithian was slain by the party and his desecration of the Recurve was stopped and the holy artifact was restored.

Sithian Darkblade

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