The Caliph

A Rakshasha Lord and Master of La Isla Calipha


A powerful Rakshasha Lord.


The Caliph masqueraded as a rich human owner of a pleasure island called La Isla Calipha. The island was a place of gaming, drink, women, and great food. The Caliph used it as a front for turning the patrons into mindless chattel and eating their flesh.

In the end, The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower uncovered The Caliph’s plot and put an end to him and his pleasure island.

The remains of The Caliph were brought by Praxis to Westgate and given over to The Archbishop of Torm who saw to it that the remains were fully cleansed by performing an exorcism such that the Rakshasha could never again be reborn.

The Caliph

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