Pegasus - Mount of Praxis


Pegasus Scion
Large immortal magical beast (mount)

Level 16 Skirmisher (Leader)
XP 1400
Initiative +17 Senses Perception +12

HP 151; Bloodied 75
Healing Surges per day 10, Surge Value 37
AC 30; Fortitude 28, Reflex 30, Will 27
Immune fear; Resist 10 radiant

Speed 7, fly 9 (hover)

Hooves (standard, at-will)

+21 vs AC; 2d6+9 damage.

Flyby Attack (standard, at-will)
The scion flies its speed and uses hooves at any point during the movement. The scion does not provoke an opportunity attack from the target when moving away from it

Celestial Notice (immediate reaction, when the scion or its rider hits an enemy with a melee attack; at-will)
The target is bathed in light as bright as a torch and grants combat advantage until the start of the scion’s next turn.

On Celestial Wings (move; recharge 5 or 6 on a d6)
The scion moves up to double its fly speed.

From the Saddle (while mounted by a friendly rider of 11th level or higher; at-will)
When the pegasus uses flyby attack, the pegasus’s rider can make a melee basic attack in place of the pegasus’s hooves.

Divine Presence
Attacks against the pegasus scion and its rider take a -1 penalty unless the scion is bloodied.

Alignment Unaligned Languages understands Supernal
Str 21 (+13) Dex 24 (+15) Wis 19 (+12)
Con 15 (+10) Int 17 (+11) Cha 17 (+11)

Description: A pegasus is a winged horse of impossible strength, beauty, and majesty. Rarely sighted, when they do deign to touch down on solid ground, it is only for a moment to drink from blessed springs or fonts. Even more rarely does a pegasus agree to serve as a mount, and then only for someone of proven valor and courage.


Tyberious was originally a wild creature that roamed the great sweeping planes of Elfharrow.

It was captured by Babba Yaga and imprisoned in the great witch’s menagerie of creatures. The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower freed Tyberious from its bonds and Praxis Morgreave saved its life creating a close bond to the creature. Over time he learned to ride Tyberious. And the Pegasus now serves as his mount and lives in and around the Goldenhawk Skyship.


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