Zara Ritter

Human Female = The Woman from Quill's Dreams


Zara Ritter is a tall beautiful human female with long flowing golden hair. She is the daughter of Alderman Ritter and lived in the town of Ashenport.

After touching The Recurve, Quill was beset by powerful magic. In the ensuing days he had many dreams that foretold of things to come and happenings of the past. Some of these dreams were related to a set of magic items linked to Goldenhawk Tower. The other dreams revolved around a woman in the sea. The dreams were always the same. An example of his dream is below.

Quill’s Dream:
You are swimming naked deep under the sea with confident strong strokes. The bottom of the sea floor is covered in some sort of stone blocks. Each block is covered with ancient writings. A yawning hole opens up beneath you. The stone blocks with strange writings line the shaft of a huge pit some 100 feet across plunging deep into the depths beyond the extent of your vision. Some ancient yearning draws you down the shaft and you begin to swim down. Suddenly a naked human woman swims up next to you. She is a vision of beauty. Her long blonde hair splays out in the column of water as if floating in air. You are intensely drawn to her and she to you. You both embrace as lovers do and euphoria runs through your very being. You have never seen this woman before but somehow feel as though you have known her forever. You jolt awake.

When The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower arrived in Ashenport, they eventually met Zara Ritter and Quill was surprised to find the woman of his dreams. They both had seemed to know each other forever and have a tight bond. Later as the mystery of Ashenport was revealed Quill was horrified to learn that Zara was involved in the Cult of Dagon like all of the town’s denizens. She in fact had squid like tentacles for legs and seemed intent on converting him to the worship of Dagon.

During the assault on the Underchurch, Zara confronted Quill and tried to convince him to come with her and to fulfill their destiny. But thanks to the heroics of Dorian Bladesinger, Quill was saved from her and decided on his own not to follow Zara. Although Zara did not directly harm the party, she fell into the water of the sea and disappeared. It was unclear whether or not she died. Quill dove in after her but was unable to find a body.

The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower thought Zara was gone. After the dark business in Ashenport was completed, Quill stopped having dreams about her. But months later after spending some time exploring Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut, Quill started having the dreams about Zara again, but slightly different. This time it seemed that she was trying to warn Quill of something. A terrible awakening of things in the deep places. Elena helped Quill to decipher the dreams and provided much guidance.

The party was reunited with Zara Ritter when they launched an assault on the floating obelisk of Xxiphu. Quill managed to save her from the clutches of The Eldest and get her safely to The Goldenhawk before the city of Xxiphu fell into the sea. Quill and Zara are sorting through their feelings for one another.

Zara Ritter

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