Moonstar - Craulnober Family Moonblade


+5 Longsword
Property: Acts as an Arcane Implement
Property: Sword of Sharpness = Cuts Through all damage reduction
Property: + 5 extra damage versus demons
Property: 6 Fly Speed
Minor Action: Heal damage at range of 6 squares (up to wielder’s healing surge + CHA bonus HP can be healed per day)


Ithildin, Dagnir Balrog-uin (Moonstar, Slayer of Demons) is an ancient elven moonblade forged in Myth Drannor. It was was made by the Craulnobler house of gold elves to be carried by an honored member of their family. Each new master of the moonblade had to pass a bladeright ritual to see if the sword deemed them worthy of carrying the blade. The sword had gone dormant as when it was passed to the last living member of the Craulnober line, Elaith Craulnober, he did not pass the ritual. The sword deemed him not worthy to carry the blade. In many cases that meant death for the individual but since Elaith was last in his family line, the blade instead went dormant much to the shame of Elaith.

The sword was lost for a time in the vault of Babba Yagga’s Dancing Hut but was rescued by Elaith’s son Dorian Bladesinger. When in the Abyss, Dorian slew a demon lord. Dagon’s war chief General Draylor was slain by Dorian. This act awakened Ithildin and Dorian went through the blade rite ritual and assumed lordship of the sword.

It seems that Dorian Bladesinger or perhaps Dorian Craulnober is now the blade heir of House Craulnober.



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