Purple Dragon Bridal

Bridal of Aquatic Adaptation


This magical bridal will activate its property when placed on any creature with the “mount” descriptor. The mount gains the following properties:

  • The mount gains the “aquatic” type
  • The mount gains a swim speed equal to its fastest other speed
  • The mount can breathe underwater

This enchanted bridle was clearly made by a human wizard of some kind. The Purple Dragon Emblem – code of arms of the Kingdom of Cormyr – is clearly on display within the leatherworking. A code of arms is also clearly visible on the bridal marking the item as a family heirloom to a noble house of Cormyr.

The bridal was found by the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower in a manorhouse in the Trade Ward of Myth Nantar. The manorhouse was occupied by a Cormyrean Trade Delegation that the party was investigating.

Purple Dragon Bridal

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