Quill's Dream

Set of Magic Items from Quill's Dreams


Longsword of Arcane Bonds
Cloak of Resistance
Belt of Flanker’s Bane
Diamond Bracers
Boots of the Fencing Master


A collection of magic items that came to Quill in his dreams. He followed those dreams which led him to find these items which all seem to date back to the time of Goldenhawk Tower when it was in its prime. The items were crafted by a powerful elven wizard named Vanamere. She built Goldenhawk tower and her ghost influenced Quill’s dreams, directing him to the items she had lost so long ago.

The Longsword was found on the body of Sithian Darkblade in Goldenhawk Tower. The Cloak of Resistance and Belt of Flanker’s Bane were found in The Underchurch of Dagon in Ashenport. The Diamond Bracers and Boots of the Fencing Master were the grand prize in a jousting tournament in Athkatla in Amn.

Quill's Dream

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