Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

Return of the Behemoth
Extended Control Room Battle

As the battle raged on the Behemoth finally escaped Dorian’s spell prison in Mithrendain and returned to the battle. Its huge tentacles enabled it to attack three times at once. Shan Val kept blasting the Aboleth and cursing the small minion hatchlings as the ran up to destroy them. Praxis and Quill battled hard and enabled Zara to get free to the outside of the room. She was able to contribute to the battle by using a psionic blast power to destroy a few minion hatchlings.

Captain Aslerion made his way up to the room and took the Shalay Marel from Dorian. He told everyone he was going to open a gate with it to get all the prisoners down to The Goldenhawk Skyship. Everyone used a large number of attacks and focused on destroying the remaining Aboleth which they managed to do but at the cost of precious time.

The two remaining control panels are still intact and to everyone’s horror, three more Aboleth have hatched from the large egg sacks and what Dorian thinks is The Eldest, has been revealed.

Quagmire and Dorian are focused on the control panel in the south corner and Praxis and Quill are focused on the North. But they have yet to have any success in sabotaging the control panels.


Battle in the Control Room

The battle raged on in the Control Room of the Flying Obelisk of Xxiphu. With Captain Aslerion having completed his mission in rescuing the prisoners, The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower were desperately trying to complete their mission to disable the control room and knock Xxiphu right out of the sky.

Most of the Knights engaged the Aboleth directly leaving Quagmire to continue his work on the strange control pod. Having already used his arcana skill to override some of the controls, he moved to using his perception to spy out particular shapes and symbols on the controls. Encouraged by his two successes, Quagmire moved on to using his thievery to jam his dagger into the control panel at just the correct angle. Unfortunately he failed to get the right angle and electrical feedback fried him for lightning damage.

After blasting and slicing into the large Aboleths in the front of the room, the party had missed an invisible Aboleth leader who slinked out of the back side of the room. Its location became clear when its mind tried to force its way into Quill’s mind and dominate him. Quill managed to force the Aboleth out. But the battle raged on with the leader Aboleth again launching a massive assault on Quill’s brain. This time Quill could not resist. The Aboleth dominated him and forced him to move to the column of water filled glass holding an unconscious floating Zara Ritter.

Quill moved adjacent to to the glass column and put his hands against the glass. Zara’s eyes suddenly shot open and she put her hands on the glass directly opposite that of Quill. Suddenly the glass between their hands seemed to melt away or not be there because Quill’s hands passed through the glass and his fingers intertwined with Zara’s. A shot of euphoria ran through Quill’s body as he touched Zara and he began to slowly be pulled into the column of glass. No water was seeping out, but Quill was seeping in.

The party struggled mightily to try and free their friend but the Aboleth seemed intent on Quill for some reason. The Aboleth leader erupted a fountain of psychic slime that burned everyone and dazed them. They simply could not get to him. Quagmire then suddenly slid the dagger into the panel and used his thievery to disable it completely. With his third success the control panel went dead. Everyone felt their stomachs enter their throat for a moment as the flying obelisk fell away from their feet for a moment before righting itself.

That distraction caused a momentary lack of focus from the Aboleth as they began to understand what was happening. It was just what Quill needed. He managed to force the Aboleth out of his mind but was still dazed and could only take one action. Zara seemed to come out of her stupor and her mind suddenly yelled to Quill, “Free me! we must flee this place! Its a trap!” Quill held onto Zara with all his might and pulled her out of the glass column, moving away from the Aboleth as best he could.

Some of the Aboleth have been slain, but those remaining are howling in some form of maddening rage as they realize that Quill and Zara have escaped their trap and that their city is in peril thanks to Quagmire’s disabling of the control panel. The party must redouble their efforts to disable the remaining control panels and escape. More and more little hatchlings seem to be emerging from the pulsating egg sacks to attack. The largest behemoth of an Aboleth anyone has ever seen is still in its Timeless Trek to Mithrendain, but sooner or later it will save and return. It has been bred for battle so Dorian’s spell keeping it trapped in the Feywild has been very fortunate.

Entering the Control Room

With the magical lazer like barrier brought down by Quagmire, the Neo-Otyugh Servitor rushed in to attack and snared him up in a tentacle attack. Grabbed and unable to escape, Quagmire was flung about like a rag doll in the huge creature’s tentacled grasp. Sir Praxis charged forward but was also snared up in the creatures threatening reach. The creature then tried to engulf them both in its massive maw of decay. Praxis resisted but Quagmire took some chewing damage and had lasting ongoing necrotic damage as he was covered in digestive juices. Quill hit the creature and slid it away hoping to break the grab but it was able to maintain it dragging Praxis and Quagmire away with it. Quagmire managed to teleport away to get out of the grab but when he blasted the creature with magic missiles it reacted by flailing Praxis’ body in the way of the blasts. Praxis took the damage instead of the Neo-Otyugh as he was used as a body shield.

In order to lock down the creature, Quill was able to first daze then later stun the beast. Shan Val was also able to daze it. Then they kept whittling away at it until finally it fell before Dorian’s unceasing viscous verbal mockery.

Much of the party’s resources were spent but they could not linger for a short rest. Captain Aslerion’s team had already gotten the prisoners to the extraction point and needed the Shalay Marel to get them down to the ship. Haste was needed, in order to get around an area of ice, all but Quagmire donned their bracers of brachiation in order to climb along the ceiling and avoid gazing into the horrible vastness of the Dreams of the Eldest Ice. Quagmire quaffed a potion of flying and flew in the middle of the climbers weaving his invisibility veil to keep everyone hidden from view. It gave Quill enough time to throw his sight around the room and see the horrors of the control room before them.

A massive chamber of black stone with sickly green slime coating the floor loomed in front of the group. Dozens, maybe hundreds of alcoves along the outside walls of the room each contain a sickly-green pulsating pod. Four tubes filled with clear liquid were centrally located in the room. Quill felt his heart skip a beat as one of the tubes clearly contained the form of Zara Ritter. The other three were empty. The control mechanisms for the city were also there. The knobs and the dials are a mixture of organic and mechanical, tubes which writhe as if alive run from the mechanisms into the floors and walls. Looming between you and the controls are some of the largest most grotesque abolethic abominations you have ever seen. It was clear that the mechanisms had to be disabled as quickly as possible, before the rest of the Aboleths in the city realize what you came here to do.

A quick surprise attack plan was concocted and executed with a rare modicum of success. Praxis unleashed his Wrath of the Gods spell, Shan Val went into an ethereal state, Quill invoked his astral splendor, Quagmire slipped invisibly into the room, and Dorian launched a surprise attack on the Aboleth Behemoth sending him into the Feywild with his magic.

Quill unleashed an attack that slew the minion thrall attendant at the control station. Two other Aboleth moved in to investigate the disappearance of their huge brethren. Then everyone unleashed attacks on them save for Quagmire who calmly began to make sense of the control station. He used his arcana skill to gain one success towards disabling the controls and creating a terrible feedback loop aimed at stripping away Xxiphuu’s ability to fly.


Servitor Battle Rages On
Fighting the scout servitors, bruiser servitors, and neo-otyugh

As the battle raged on in the high and dry section of the Xxiphu Obelisk, it was clear the party was facing tough opposition placed there to protect the control room. Hopefully they were getting close. The horribly changed ogre like creature was a huge bruiser servitor and swung a mighty spiked club smashing into one or multiple targets at once. Its evil eye could see invisible creatures and zero in on an individual to lower their defenses and attacks. The Scout Servitors were horrible bulbous aberrations with one large central eye that could launch gaze attacks for psychic damage and slide party members into the energy fields in the room and adjacent to the mind-catching ice of the Dreams of the Eldest. The Neo-Otyugh continued to use its disgusting lure to hurt the intruders.

Each round of combat some of the energy fields turned on and others turned off. Dorian, Quill, and Quagmire also used their arcana skill to drop some of the energy fields for a time. Each creature had been changed by the aboleth to be resistant to particular energy that seemed to match the fields. This diabolical protection proved quite valuable and thwarted many attacks against them.

In the middle of the battle Captain Aslerion Symbaern communicated telepathically with the party and explained that his strike team had secured the prisoners and they were assisting them to the extraction point at the entrance grate. The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower are to rendezvous with them as soon as they disable the control room. Time is ticking and you need to move quickly.

All the servitors were slain except for the Neo-Otyugh who has now regained his sight after being blinded by one of Quagmire’s attacks. All of the energy fields between him and the party are now disabled so the way is clear. It has been a difficult fight and Shan Val in particular has taken a lot of damage. But everyone is still up and in the fight…


High and Dry
Up and Out of the Deep Slime and into laser like barriers

The party finished off the remaining creatures in the Upside Down pit room. The Aboleth was cut down as well as the remaining Kuo Toan Lashers. Quagmire got across the pit by teleporting but not before sliding into the pit during the battle and falling up to get stuck on the ceiling. He also managed to slide too close to the Dreams of the Eldest and was caught staring too long into the icy depths of despair. Shan Val and Quill were continually blinded by the lightning strikes of the Kuo Toan tridents but Quill did a good job using his Aegis and armor to reduce the lightning damage to manageable levels. Praxis tied a rope to Dorian and the half elf expertly traversed the slippery ledge, vaulting past the Icy Terrain at the end and avoiding gazing into the Dreams of the Eldest. Praxis was not so lucky. Using his dungeoneering skill, he was able to carefully hold onto the wall as he traversed the ledge but when he leaped across the last bit to avoid the ice he traveled just a bit too short, landing in a heap at the base of the ice. As he stood up he stared into the ice and was locked in place transfixed by what he saw as it damaged his brain in terrible ways.

With everyone finally on the far side of the pit, Quill found the twisting ramp led up to a vertical shaft going straight up ad down as far as the eye could see. A powerful current of air was rising in the shaft such that when one stepped through into the shaft, one was borne up at great velocity. Sulee scouted ahead by entering the shaft and hurtling upwards until coming to rest on a pocket of air below her talons. A hallway stretched out in front of Sulee with two creatures. One was a huge ogre twisted and changed by horrible experiments of the Aboleth. The other creature was a large eye with scaly legs. Two different colors of beams cut off the hallway at multiple points. One was red and seemed to be some sort of fire and radiant shield. The other was blue and was cold and psychic shield. As Sulee watched the creatures react to her presence, two of the shields flickered off and another two flickered on.

The huge Ogre swung its mighty great club at Sulee but the eagle was too quick, avoiding the blow. The walking eye creature looked at Sulee and launched a gaze attack but Quill’s faithful familiar looked away just in time. Dorian then entered the shaft and hurtled up to a spot just next to Sulee. He used his skill with Arcana to determine that the fields could not be passed by physical means or teleportation. Attacks could pass through the fields, however, they would take on the damage type of the fields. Dorian also used his arcana skill to bring down the red field right in front of him and Sulee.

A huge creature then stepped around the far corner of the hallway – a beast of swirling tentacles and a terrible toothy maw – a neo-otyugh that had been altered by the Aboleth of Xxiphu. The creature did not move past the far laser like field of energy but it emitted a powerful stench called disgusting lure. The spores were not enough to affect Dorian’s steely resolve but Sulee fell prey to them as she was hit by the attack and killed. Feeling the loss of his arcane friend, Quill leaped into the breach and flew up the shaft to arrive next to Dorian. He used his four corners attack to attempt to cut the Ogre down to size. Hitting with three attacks he did some good damage but was unable to daze the creature.

All the other party members are waiting on the ramp far below to enter the shaft and join the fray. Captain Aslerion had reported in stating that his group had met some stuff resistance but had dealt with it with no casualties and were almost to the prison holding area.

The Upside Down Pit
Slime is falling up?

After Captain Aslerion‘s Assault Team went there own way in search of the captives inside Xxiphu, The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower worked their way up some slime covered stairs into a large room with a huge pit and 2 means of egress. After watching some Kuo Toans come down off a ramp and seemingly stand on guard, Quill boldly enterred the room trying to get the jump on them. The slimy floor was unstable and he slid into the pit. Instead of falling down, he fell up to the ceiling. Luckily his Davros Elden’s feat enabled him to perfectly land on his feet. He found out that the ceiling was very sticky and held him firm. Quill managed to teleport out of the restrained situation and appear right in the midst of the Kuo Toans. He knoced one of them into the pit and it fell up and the other clinged to the edge.

A large fight broke out with 4 Kuo Toans Lashers engaging the party. Their tridents could spit bolts of lightning and they could cast spells which filled men’s lungs with dangerous fluid. Two huge Aboleth also appeared sliding through the room as pillars of slime and then delivering psychic blasts and dangerous tentacle strikes.

During the battle two of the Kuo Toans and 1 of the aboleth were slain. Party members were blinded and slid about to detrimental effect. It has been a tough battle so far, with Quill on one side of the pit and everyone else on the other.


Getting Inside Xxiphu

The Sky Kraken was bloodied but still very much alive and intent on destroying the skyship and its crew. Its large tentacles wrapped once more around the hull of the Goldenhawk, splintering boards and causing it to jolt to a halt. Quill was grabbed by a tentacle and the Kraken tried to hurl him off the ship, but Quill managed to stand firm and escape its grasp. Quagmire was also grabbed by a writhing tentacle but used his amulet of keys to teleport away. Quagmire then hit the Kraken with a blinding spell thwarting the creatures deadly threatening reach.

This gave Dorian the opening he needed. He ran down the length of the ship to a central location and healed himself invoking his bardic magic to heal everyone within a certain distance 2 HP. From his location he healed all the Tormtar but three. It was an incredible move. The Tormtar were able to ready and fire all of the ship’s ballista at the Kraken. The elves spread out and healed the remaining Tormtar and pounded the Kraken with arrows and spells.

Then Sir Praxis drew his lance and charged the Kraken with Tyberious. The lance pierced the beaky maw of the creature and struck true with a critical hit. The huge Sky Kraken loosened its grip on the ship as its limp tentacles slacked away. The massive body fell out of the sky like a falling stone splashing into the surf far below.

Skycaptain Dumas maneuvered the Goldenhawk expertly under the Obsidian Obelisk of Xxiphu such that one of the cargo nets was adjacent to the opening. Quill could see up the hole and into Xxiphu. An alarm and explosion ward was dealt with by Shan Val. Everyone either used bracers of brachiation to climb up the vertical shaft or flew up using elixir of flying. Quill encountered a rusty iron grate at the top. He was not strong enough to bend the bars but he used some acid to weaken it enough for Quagmire to fit through as a black crow, change back, and use his crowbar to open it all the way to allow everyone in.

Inside the party followed slimy hallways to a large chamber. A sickly sweet and nauseating odor hung in the air inside Xxiphu. The corridors bent at strange angles and everything was covered in a thin film of slime. The alien nature of the environment made everyone uncomfortable bringing back nightmarish memories of Dagon and Ashenport. Quagmire snuck into the room invisibly but was psychically attacked by an area of mindcatching ice terrain where the dreams of the eldest have left the frosty remnants of horrible nightmares.

The eladrin teleported past the ice with Quagmire to launch a major surprise assault on some minions – Abolethic Thralls -that were in the room. All of them were taken out before they could raise an alarm or fight back. Quill then used his magic bracers to wield Praxis’ flame tongue sword. The blade melted the ice after 5 minutes or so making it easy to pass by without any danger.

The advantage still seems to be with the assault team as their presence has yet to be detected. The time has now come for the two teams to part company at this point. The elven team led by Captain Aslerion Symbaern heading to free as many prisoners as they can. The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower heading for the Xxiphu control room.

The Assault on Xxiphu
Getting up to The Black Obelisk

After much preparation, The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower and Captain Aslerion’s Elven assault team boarded The Goldenhawk Skyship and flew for the Isle of Prespur. There they intercepted the Floating Obelisk of Xxiphu. Up in the crow’s nest, Quagmire spotted a lone Aboleth flying around near the base of the Obelisk. A lightning storm raged all around. As The Goldenhawk started its ascent up towards the mighty Obelisk, the Aboleth changed its course to intercept the skyship.

When the Aboleth came within range, Skycaptain Dumas gave the order and all 12 of The Goldenhawk’s ballista fired upon it with huge armor piercing spears meant to sink ships. Eleven of the twelve projectiles found their mark and tore into the Aboleth causing over 180 points of damage in all. The aberrant creature died immediately falling out of the sky like a stone and splashing into the wild surf below. Just then a Sky Kraken loomed out of the clouds and rain to grapple with the ship. The Goldenhawk came to a lurching halt as a huge tentacle wrapped around the main deck. Audible creaks and groans of the wood gave way to the sounds of bursting timber as many hull points of damage were done to the Goldenhawk. Other tentacles lashed out at the crew. Dorian was hit hard as a tentacle coiled around him. After a good squeeze, the Sky Kraken hurled Dorian off the ship. Dorian smashed into the side of the mighty boat and slid over the side. He grasped frantically to catch hold but failed his save and began hurtling towards the angry surf below.

Lightning started coming out of the clouds and riddling everyone on deck for significant damage. Most party members used a protection from lightning potion to minimize its effects but the Tormtar crewman manning the ballista were not so lucky. All but one were knocked unconscious with blood coming from their ears. They were bleeding to death.

Thinking quickly, Dorian drank his potion of flying and stopped his rapid descent some 100 feet below the deck of the Goldenhawk. He flew up higher towards the ship and flew under it to get out of reach of the hungry Kraken. A ballista bolt was fired by the remaining Tormtar at the Kraken. Shan Val released blasting magic, Praxis mounted Tyberious and did a fly by attack with his lance. Quagmire leaped off the crow’s nest and used a daily power to land gently next to two of the fallen Tormtar crewmen to heal them both. The elven assault team hit the Kraken with arrows and spells. Quill then hit the beast with a stunning attack. The stun allowed Skycaptain Dumas to maneuver The Goldenhawk out of The SkyKraken’s now limp tentacle and put some distance between them by heading up and out of the storm clouds.

Luckily the ship was now clear of the lightning. But another Aboleth had come out from behind Xxiphu and was bearing down towards them. The Sky Kraken had shaken off the stun and was coming up towards them from below. The Aboleth was the closer target and was hit with ballista fire from the Tormtar that had been saved and were back up. The elven assault team focused its fire on the Aboleth as well. Tyberious maneuvered around and flew by for another assault with Praxis. Quill yelled to focus all fire on the bloodied Aboleth. To everyone’s surprise Shan Val’s magic streaked out of The Goldenhawk hurtling towards The Sky Kraken. Shan Val’s aim was true and the Kraken shuddered in pain and then disappeared, reappearing adjacent to the Aboleth and was compelled by Shan Val’s magic to strike the Aboleth.

The Sky Kraken tore into The Aboleth, ripping it apart with mighty tentacle strikes. This second Aboleth was killed, its gargantuan body plummeted down into the angry surf… Now it seems that only the bloodied Sky Kraken stands between The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower and access to the fabled city of Xxiphu.


Meeting with Captain Aslerion
Planning the Xxiphu Assault

The party makes its way back out of the Temple following its pathway in. As you as you leave and are back out in the swamps of Ormeptarr you notice a very palpable difference. Gone is the suppressive feeling of dread. Swirling maelstroms of Spellplague no longer waft through about on the winds. In fact, arcane magic seems completely back to normal. The ravaged landscape that the Spellplague left behind still lingers but its seems the area seems renewed and able to thrive once more. With the Spellplague gone, it is easy enough for you to signal Skycaptain Dumas and for him to bring the ship down so that it is at the same level as the roof of the Temple. From there you simply leap aboard.

The flight back to Westgate is swift and without incident. You sleep well on board the ship and when you awake at dawn you are just arriving in the mighty port city. As Skycaptain Dumas expertly navigates the mighty ship into the SkyMoorings on The Citadel of the Radiant Fist, you see a patrol of 5 knights in full plate armor approach the vessel. The leader steps forward as the gangplank is lowered. It is Sergeant Kirgan Smith, attaché to His Holiness, The Archbishop of Torm, Lord Durgan Brightblade. Sergeant Kirgan calls out, ‘Welcome home Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. Sir Praxis, His Holiness The Archbishop would like to have a debriefing with you as soon as you are able. And as always the guest apartments have been made ready for you all. Please feel free to settle in. My men here will see to it that The Goldenhawk is re-provisioned with fresh food and water and whatever else is needed. Captain Aslerion Symbaern has been informed of your arrival and has requested a meeting with you this evening. He will arrive at your apartments in the Citadel of Radiant Fist at sunset.’

Everyone has gathered in the dining room of your villa apartment in The Citadel of the Radiant Fist in Westgate. One of the Tormtar guards opens the door and announces the arrival of Captain Aslerion Symbaern. The tall gold elf glides into the room and the guard closes the door behind him. He sits at the table where you have all gathered. “It is good to see you again, Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. It has indeed been too long. Since last we parted company on The Sea of Fallen Stars, your reputation has grown and your feats of daring exploits are almost too numerous to recite. You toppled the Cowled Wizards of Amn, thwarted The Second Coming of Bane, slew the mighty Dragon Banemaw The Ebon Wing, and now I hear that you have cleansed the Spellplague from The Plaguewrought Lands. Truly amazing. I must congratulate you on your endeavors. I especially wish to thank you for your work on cleansing the Spellplague. It is a terrible scar upon the land that troubles My People greatly and must be healed.”

Captain Aslerion raises a glass of wine and toasts to your success. Then after taking a stiff draught, he sets down his glass and his face takes on a more serious and concerned countenance. “Now to the business at hand. When last we spoke, I told you that I was investigating The Abolethic Sovereignty and its potential involvement with the Cult of Dagon. I have been tracking their activities all around The Sea of Fallen Stars and the Moonsea. I have spoken extensively with Viscount Gozu Mendok. He sends his regards and asked me to personally extend an invitation to visit him in Gozuton. Together we traced the Cult of Dagon to a few other nearby fishing communities and thoroughly wiped it out. Viscount Mendok has done an admiral job preventing the Cult from returning and destroying their secret altars and false idols. The Moonsea is safe from the influence of both Dagon and The Abolethic Sovereignty largely due to his efforts. The Sea Of Fallen Stars, however, has not been so lucky. Xxiphu is on the move. Several fishing villages and coastal towns have been completely destroyed. The Aboleth fly out of Xxiphu and destroy buildings, kill villagers, and worse – take many prisoners and turn them into mind slaves. They are making alliances with the Kuo Toans and The Sahuagin. Large forces of both are also on the move. The Sea Elves of Myth Nantar have experienced an uptick in attacks against the Sharksbane Wall by the Sahuagin and hostility towards them in general is at an historical high.”

‘The ability of Xxiphu to fly unopposed from location to location to release Flying Aboleth and their Servitors with little warning is a threat that is extremely difficult to contain. I wish to ask your help. Although my ship, Amlaruil’s Tears, can swim beneath the waves and sail upon the surface of the sea, it cannot take to the air. My ability to get to Xxiphu is extremely hampered. When I heard of your acquisition of The Goldenhawk Skyship from the Amnian Aerial Navy, my interest was indeed piqued. The Goldenhawk Skyship could allow you to fly up to Xxipu and possibly gain entry to the flying Obelisk.’

“I must be honest with you, such a flight would be extremely dangerous and could result in the destruction of your ship and the death of everyone on board. However, if you would be willing to entertain such brave action, we could discuss the matter further. There could be much to gain in a reconnaissance mission into Xxiphu. However, I completely understand if the risk is too great. You have all been through a lot and I would not presume to expose you to further risk.”

“What say you?”

Praxis speaks.

“I am an emissary of His Holiness the Archbishop of Westgate, Lord Durgan Brightblade. Long have we watched the advance of the Abolethic Sovereignty and the growing menace of the Xxiphu. They are a threat to the nations of the free peoples that surround the Sea of Fallen Stars and the Moonsea. Long have we watched them pillage and destroy—but no more. We seek an alliance with you and your people, Captain to rid us of this menace. We are at a fulcrum point and the balance is precarious. The Citadel is dedicated to meeting this threat head on…and now.”

“I have not spoken with my fellow comrades, the Knights about this endeavor and I will not speak for them. They are not agents of the Citadel and we have worked cooperatively towards these noble ends of which you have recounted. I would ask that they consider this another such noble end but I know that there are other concerns that they might well have need to turn to. I cannot speak for them or for the requisition of The Goldenhawk for this task. But I pledge myself to this task, for it is a noble one.”

Captain Aslerion’s countenance brightens a bit with the words of Praxis. He smiles and says, “It is good to know that the Elves of Myth Nantar can rely on The Citadel of the Radiant Fist, a powerful ally indeed. As a representative of Myth Nantar, I accept your offer of an alliance against Xxiphuu and The Abolethic Sovereignty. Let us grasp hands to seal this pledge.” Aslerion extends a hand and Sir Praxis grips it tightly. “Aslerion continues, “I will have one of my men bring a more formal written treaty to The Citadel in the morning. This is a great day. I only hope our combined might is enough to stop this foul menace and wipe it from the Sea of Fallen Stars.”

Shan Val says, “We have some business that is calling us to the west. The troubles you speak of are on the way, so I for one think we could take some time to investigate for you. I would ask only for another bottle of that fabulous wine we shared last time we meet.”

Captain Aslerion nods, “Thank You, Shan Val. I shall see to it that you are properly provisioned with a full case of our best vintage.”

Quill speaks, ‘Friends, I have seen the Obelisk. Once again, Zara Ritter has returned to me in my dreams – though the term ’dream’ pales the experience.

Since our time in the Hut, Zara has come to me twice. The first time, a pit lined with stone markings at the bottom of the ocean yawned open and carried an awakening presence.

The second time, I rode on the Skyship when the obelisk approached with terrifying speed, surrounded by a maelstrom of lightning and wind.

The urgency is growing. I am fully in agreement with this path. Zara calls for my help.’

Captain Aslerion looks with concern at Quill. “Quill, I appreciate your agreeing to help. However, I did not realize you were so personally involved with the Abolethic Sovereignty already. Who is this Zara Ritter and how is she linked to them?"

Quill responds detailing the history they had with Dagon’s Cult and Zara Ritter back in Brindol.

Aslerion responds, “Ah yes, I remember now that you had mentioned Zara Ritter in our previous discussions related to your battle with the Cult of Dagon. I thought she had perished during the assault on the Underchurch but it seems that she survived and is somehow still linked to Dagon in some way. In my further investigations with Viscount Gozu Mendok and others, I have seen a relationship between the Cult of Dagon and The Abolethic Sovereignty. But I had not heard mention of this Zara Ritter since last you spoke of her. Well, I am glad for your support, Quill. Perhaps we can discover more information about Zara and her current involvement.”

Dorian greets Capt. Aslerion with his typical elven grace and panache. He listens with a smile on his face while the Captain recounts our victories.

Yet, when the conversation turns to Xxiphu and the Cult of Dagon, Dorian’s eyes go steely blue, his face trying hard to keep back a wave of vengeful emotion while visibly gripping his wine glass tight. His left hand goes to his chest, not to clutch his heart, but he grips something hidden underneath his elven chain.

“So the foul madness dares to rise again from the deep. I knew our task was not over. It pleases me that Gozu is continuing fighting the good fight up in Gozuton. Cleansing the Dagon menace is of upmost importance, thank you captain for your aid. I am also emboldened that my comrades have each pledged their support. Though our victories are vast, we are all players in a greater story and our mission is not complete. The Cult of Dagon, Xxiphu and any of its allies are my sworn enemies and I have pledged my life to vanquishing this foul foe forever.”

In Elven Dorian proclaims, “Behold, our enemies have risen up against us. Their plague on our realm will be seared by spell and severed by sword. They shall not win the day. Our justice will be swift as sunlight piercing and banishing the darkness. Our mission is impossibly perilous but in that danger, we will achieve victory for our homeland.”

Dorian raises his glass, “TO VICTORY!!!!”

Captain Aslerion raises his glass in a salute to Dorian after his final words of Victory. “Thank you Dorian for your aid and your rousing and invigorating speech. I did not realize that The Cult of Dagon and Xxiphu were your sworn enemies. I am glad that I can provide you with an opportunity to do them harm. I know that with The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower at our side, we will be victorious against this great and ancient evil.”

Quagmire raises his glass and says quietly, “To the obelisk, Xxiphuu and The Abolethic Sovereignty it seems.”

Aslerion nods at Quagmire. “Thank you all for agreeing to help. Now that I have everyone’s commitment to lend their aid to our cause, I can share some additional information my spies and sages have managed to bring to light. The flying Black Obelisk of Xxiphu is a gigantic structure but can fly through the air with great speed. The Obelisk, however, always seems to be surrounded by a lightning storm to a distance of 1 mile from Xxiphu. This revelation has allowed us to track Xxiphu’s movements. There does seem to be a pattern to the movement and attacks. We know the current location of Xxiphu and can predict where it will go next. It is currently heading to the south end of the Isle of Prespur near a large fishing village and will arrive some time before dawn. During the next few days they will no doubt launch an attack on the village.”

Aslerion frowns, “How Xxiphu flies through the air is still largely a mystery to us. It was built before the Gods even existed and its construction is ancient and beyond the understanding of sane mortals. However, our most powerful Diviners and Sages have discovered a potential weakness. There is a room inside the Obelisk that houses the flight controls of Xxiphu. If we could get a small team inside that room and destroy those controls it would result in the entire city falling out of the sky. We have also been able to identify a small vertical shaft in the base of the Obelisk that leads to a series of passageways that should provide the most direct route to that control room.”

Aslerion’s face turns more grave, “We have also discovered that the large number of prisoners taken during Abolethic Sovereignty raids have a grim fate indeed. The frail, small and feeble are ground up into some sort of feed for The Aboleth and their allies to consume. The more able bodied are transformed into horrific aberrations under the control of the Aboleth. We have identified a large number of prisoners from recent raids who have yet to be processed into either food or slaves. It is our hope that they can be saved in a separate simultaneous mission by another small team. I have assembled enough capable and trusted volunteers for one team. I would lead this team and I believe we would be best suited for the support role of finding the prisoners and getting them out to safety. It was my hope that The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower would be our main strike team going after the control room. What do you think?”

Healing The Sharn?

As the dust settles and the crackle of Plaguefire finally fades away, the stillness of the room is broken by the gentle sound of a thin stream of water cascading down out of the vase held by the statue of Sehanine. The cauldron once roiling in Plaguefire now begins to fill with a clear liquid. A beam of moonlight shines down from the face of the Statue of Sehanine to bathe the cauldron in moonlight.

Quagmire lights his pipe and offers it to Praxis, blowing a perfect smoke ring into the falling water…

He then casts True Seeing and scans the room for anything invisible or hidden. Quagmire’s True Sight does not reveal anything that Sulee and Quill did not already find when initially searching the room. There is not anything hiding invisibly.

Quill examines the pool and it glows with moonlight. It radiates powerful arcane and divine magics. Unlike the other items of magic you are unable to identify exactly what the pool does other than it is clearly of elven make and was put here at the time when this temple was in use. The water radiates a strong aura of healing magic and divine power to those who examine it.

Quill puts his lips to the water and drinks. The cool sweet liquid slides down his throat and washes away his cuts, bruises, and battle fatigue. All wounds on Quill are healed and his healing surges are replenished to their maximums. The moonlight from the Sehanine statue intensifies and covers Quill. An utter feeling of calm falls over Quill. He feels a tremendous sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. He also feels a sudden urge to bathe in the holy waters by removing his clothes, climbing the ladder, and submerging his body in the waters of Sehanine.

Quill gets naked and plunges in wholeheartedly. Quill’s naked body submerges beneath the cool refreshing water. His body feels even more renewed and full of vigor. The weariness of battle a distant memory. As Quill’s head slips beneath the surface, he is instantly overcome by a powerful sensation that reminds him instantly of when he touched the Recurve back in Goldenhawk Tower. A vision fills Quill’s mind. He sees himself standing naked in a forest clearing ringed with moss covered stones. On one side of the clearing is an altar bathed in moonlight from the full moon above. Resting on top of the altar is an unstrung bow. On the other side of the clearing is another altar. Upon it lies a beautifully crafted silver circlet. Forming a triangle with the other two altars on the far side of the clearing is a third altar. Upon the third altar rests a huge wide leather belt. From the markings on the altars you recognize each altar as being devoted to Sehanine Moonbow, Corellon Larethian, and Kord respectively.

Quill is standing at a crossroads on a path that travels through the clearing. There are three paths, each leading to a different altar. Quill somehow understands that he must choose one and only one path to receive a blessing and boon from one of the deities.

In game terms Quill may choose either upgrading his Corellon’s Boon of Arcane Might to 18th level.
Divine Boon
Choose an at-will power from an arcane character class. You can use that power as an encounter power.
Power Daily (Free Action)
Choose a 1st-level encounter power from an arcane class. You can use that power once before the end of the encounter.
Level 8: Choose an encounter power of 3rd level or lower.
Level 13: Choose an encounter power of 7th level or lower.
Level 18: Choose an encounter power of 13th level or lower.
Level 23: Choose an encounter power of 17th level or lower.
Level 28: Choose an encounter power of 23rd level or lower.

Or gaining Sehanine’s Mark of the Dark Moon at 13th level
Divine Boon
If a creature cannot see you, you take half damage from its attacks that hit you and no damage from its attacks that deal damage on a miss.
Power (Teleportation) Daily (Immediate Reaction)
Trigger: You take damage.
Effect: You teleport 2 squares.
Level 8: You teleport 3 squares, and you can make a Stealth check as a free action to hide if you end this teleport in cover or with concealment.
Level 13: You teleport 4 squares, become invisible until the end of your next turn, and can make a Stealth check to hide as a free action.
Level 18: You teleport 6 squares, become invisible until the end of your next turn, and can make a Stealth check to hide as a free action.
Level 23: You teleport 8 squares, become invisible until the end of your next turn, and can make a Stealth check to hide as a free action.
Level 28: Immediate Interrupt. Trigger: You take damage. Effect: You teleport 8 squares, become invisible until the end of your next turn, and can make a Stealth check to hide as a free action.

Or Gaining Kord’s Mighty Strength at 13th level
Divine Boon
Gain a +2 item bonus to Athletics checks and a +5 item bonus to Strength checks made to break objects.
Power Daily (Minor Action)
Until the end of the encounter, you gain a +1 item bonus to melee damage rolls.
Level 8: gain a +2 item bonus to melee.
Level 13: gain a +3 item bonus to melee.
Level 18: gain a +4 item bonus to melee.
Level 23: gain a +5 item bonus to melee.
Level 28: gain a +6 item bonus to melee.

Quill chooses to walk down the path to the shrine of Corellon Larethian. He picks up the silver circlet and places it on his head. He feels the divine pleasure of Corellon’s boon wash through him. Suddenly Quill breaks the surface of the pool of water in the cauldron illuminated by the bright beam of moonlight and takes a deep breath of air.

Quill climbs the ladder and leaves the caressing waters of the cauldron. He finds when he reaches the floor he is completely dry. As he puts back on his armor and gear, Dorian approaches the cauldron saying a prayer to Sehanine. Dorian drinks and feels his wounds melt away like Quill. He then proceeds to remove his clothes and bathe within the holy waters. Dorian has a similar experience to Quill and also chooses the path of Corellon Larethian. Next Sir Praxis leads Tyberious to the pool and both drink from the waters but Praxis alone feels proceeds to bathe. He feels surprisingly carefree about removing his armor and clothing and choses the path of Corellon by donning the silver circlet. Quagmire takes his turn approaching and drinking and then bathing. However, in his vision Quagmire selects the path leading to the moon altar of Sehanine. Quagmire takes the bow from the altar and strings it feeling the power of Sehanine course through his body as he surfaces from the pool.

Lastly Shan Val approaches the pool and drinks as well feeling his wounds and weariness melt away. When the urge to bathe overcomes him, however, Shan Val looks into the eyes of the statue. "I am not in the habit of asking for anything, much less engaging in discourse with gods. I wander the world hoping that one day I can return to my people and remove the threat of the evil that hides like a worm hidden deep in their midst. If you would grant me a boon for the services I have provided, I would ask that you grant me enlightenment on a path towards that end. "

After Shan Val makes his request, the room goes silent. The moonlight fades from bright to very dim and an illusory projection appears above the waters of the cauldron for all to see. A huge hollow tower with hundreds of spires, windows and balconies on the outside and on the inside containing shops, inns, theaters, libraries, and residences sits on the edge of the sea. It seems to be a city completely contained within a huge hollow tower. Shan Val instantly recognizes it as Skyclave – the capital of High Imasker. The illusory vision suddenly shifts to the east across the spellscoured Dragonsword Mountains and into the Plains of the Purple Dust. The Purple sand blows on the wind with the occasional crackle of Plaguefire lighting the sky. Such desolation makes the Plaguetouched Lands of Ormpetarr look inviting. There is nothing in the Planes of Purple Dust but despair and the memories of ancient kingdoms. You all feel very sad. Then out of the sands rises an ancient looking tower of twisting purple columns. As you gaze upon the purple spire surrounded by swirling purple dust you get the feeling of great foreboding. A sound whispers audibly through the room, “Uthal”…

Then everything goes quiet and the image fades away. The bright moonlight suddenly shines down once more from the face of the Statue of Sehanine. This time, however, it does not illuminate the pool of water but instead illuminates the liquidy remains of The Sharn on the floor.

Shan Val looks closely at the remains of The Sharn. The inky black rivulets that look like molten metal have pooled. They still struggle to move back together, however, the movement is almost imperceptible and growing fainter by the moment. Whereas before one could easily see the crackle and snapping plaguefire writhing through the creature even in its liquid state, Shan Val sees nor senses any whiff of Spellplague remaining. The moonlight brightens, illuminating the liquid more completely causing it to struggle even more to reform for a moment until its efforts fade once more.

The beam of moonlight from the face of the Sehanine Statue illuminates the remains of The Sharn like a spotlight in the dim light of the room. As Shan Val considers what to do next, another bright beam of moonlight shines like a spotlight illuminating the basin of holy water containing the Shalay Marel.

Shan Val crouches down in front of the puddle that is the remains of The Sharn. He reaches his hands down to scoop up the liquidy remains. As soon as his hands touch the liquid, Shan Val pulls away a bit in surprise as hundreds of voices speaking elvish flood his mind with cries of anguish and remorse. Shan Val makes sense of the jumbled words and phrases into feelings of deep sadness, regret, pain, and steely resolve. The spotlight like beam of moonlight intensifies its brightness and the liquid remains of The Sharn begins to flow around Shan Val’s arms coating them like shiny chrome armor. All of the liquid flows up and completely coats Shan Val’s upper body and arms stopping at his neck and his waist. Shan Val’s clothing and personal items magically fall away and land at his feet in a pile.

Shan Val strides confidently towards the pool. Quill furrows his brow in consternation, Praxis grips his sword tightly, Dorian questions Shan Val’s wisdom and Quagmire puts his pipe away and readies his staff. Ignoring any protest or doubt Shan Val climbs the ladder and slides into the pool. As his body submerges beneath the water, the liquid metal like remains of the Sharn slide off his body to float on the top of the surface. When Shan Val’s head is completely underwater he has a vision just like Quill’s where he must choose between the path of Corellon, Sehanine, or Kord.

On the surface of the cauldron the liquid reforms into the body of The Sharn. However, everyone can clearly see the motes of Plagurefire and spellscars that riddled the creature you battled are now washed away. Shan Val makes his choice and surfaces . He climbs out of the pool and finds himself dry as well. He puts his clothes back on and everyone can see the fully reformed Sharn hovering over the cauldron.

Praxis says to the group in common, “Someone needs to try and communicate with this creature in the Elvish.” Dorian steps forward and speaks in Elvish, “Mighty Sharn, we mean you no further harm. We are pleased to see the spell plague has been purged from you.”

The Sharn replies in a deep and echoing chorus of Elvish but even those who do not speak Elvish understand, “The Spellplague has been cleansed from our mind. We can think clearly once more. We also mean you no further harm to you. We regret the pain and violence inflicted upon you by us. The Spellplague riddled our minds with madness. The loss of arcane magic for only a moment was too much for any of us to bear. We are filled with hope that the weave has been partially restored. But there is more work to do. The Spellplague must be driven out of Faerun, arcane magic must be restored to the Land. We will devote ourselves completely to this task.”

Quill speaks up. “Is there a role for us to play in that endeavor, Sharn?”

The Sharn responds, "You have set it all into motion. And you may still have a part to play. But we do not know for certain if our paths will cross again. The cleansing must begin. "

And with that The Sharn performs several arcane gestures and a shimmering silver portal appears in the corner of the room. The Sharn floats over and disappears through the portal. With a sparkle of silver light, the portal closes and disappears.

Quill ponders a moment, then removes his clothing once again and enters the waters to touch the Shalay Marel.

With his hand on it, he attempts to communicate with Sehanine. “Is this the final resting place for the Shalay Marel that you desire? Or are we to place it elsewhere?”

“If it is to remain please hold it in place as I now attempt to remove it. If it is to be carried elsewhere, release it into my grasp.”

Quill pulls gently on Shalay Marel and the artifact easily pops out of its resting place and into the hands of Quill. The bright beam of moonlight shining down on the cauldron turns off like a light and the dim light in the room returns to brightly lit.

Quagmire pipes up, “This is all very fantastic, but where do we go next and what are we to do with the Shalay Marel?”

Sir Praxis frowns, ‘We return to Westgate to meet with Captain Aslerion Symbaern. Then to the Purple Spire. We take the Shalay Marel with us.’

Dorian adds, ‘I agree with that course of action, but let’s not forget that Goldenhawk Tower has an indentation for the Shalay Marel. It opens a portal but we need to find out to where exactly.’


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