Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

The Mythal is Restored
Dagon's Avatars are Destroyed

The Whirpool Gate continued to spin out of control, its power tainted by Dagon’s foul ritual to siphon magical energy away from the Mythal and into the whirpool gate. When enough magic was drained from the Mythal it would fail and the Whirpool Gate would open a gateway large enough for Dagon himself to enter the prime material plane. The battle at The Whirpool Gate raged on with the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower pressing what advantage they had with the temporary banishment of The Wrath of Dagon to The Feywild (via Dorian’s Timeless Trek to Mithrendain spell) by surging forward towards the specific summoning circles surrounding the gate itself. As Aravae Daudil – The Coronal had described, each of the three battle standards – Goldenhawk Tower, Cormyr, and Myth Nantar – must be placed in a specific summoning circle in order to break Dagon’s ritual and reverse it to flow the magic from The Whirpool Gate back into The Mythal.


Quill had moved ahead of the rest with his expertly timed teleportations. He got in position inside the summoning circle and thrust The Myth Nantar battle standard he was carrying into the ground. The fragment of The Emerald Eye of Kyron burst into brilliant green light. The swirling maelstrom of The Whirpool Gate fluxed and slowed a bit. The Voice of Dagon who was very near to Quill saw what he did and screamed in fury warning all of Dagon’s Servants to stop the infidels from disrupting Dagon’s ritual. The Voice unleashed a series of deadly attacks on Quill but his powerful wards and defenses held. He was not moved from his spot defending the standard.


Following up on Quill’s maneuver, Shan Val piled on by targeting The Voice with devastating attacks. Already bloodied by Quill’s previous Four Corners attack, The Voice was pounded by Shan Val’s deadly magics and fell before she had a chance to use her action point. But The Voice had alerted all of Dagon’s servants to the party’s plan. Dagon Cultist reinforcements appeared closing in.

Redbeard used a potion of invisibility to escape the fish men of Dagon who had surrounded him. He swiftly swam invisibly to the second summoning circle and prepared to place the Cormyrean battle standard down in place. Likewise Sir Praxis made a daring maneuver whereby he leaped up into the saddle of Tyberious as it flew past him sustaining several deep gashes from the rusty scimitars of the fish men of Dagon in the process. Praxis flew the mighty pegasus through the waters to the final summoning circle. He had The Goldenhawk Tower battle standard held at the ready to put into place.


Redbeard and Praxis raised their standards poised to plant them when all heard a terrible shriek. The Wrath of Dagon had returned from its Timeless Trek to Mithrendain and was filled with rage. The freakish looking creature crouched, its muscled tensed, then it burst into motion, a leaping horror, who closed the distance to the The Whirpool Gate with astonishing speed. The Wrath Howled in Fury and released a powerful blast of fearful pheromones into the water. Redbeard inhaled the pheromones and fear filled his mind. All he could think about was escaping from this horrific abomination. He moved away from the summoning circle at top speed. The Righteous and pure steed, Tyberious, however, was immune to fear and held its ground against the powerful pheromones. Sir Praxis himself was just beyond the reach of the foul blast of pheromones. He swiveled expertly in his saddle to lean back and avoid inhaling their mind clouding evil. Sir Praxis then smiled and drove The Goldenhawk Tower battle standard into the summoning circle. Green light burst to life from the shard of the Emerald Eye of Kyron and The maelstrom of The Whirpool Gate stuttered and slowed again.


But the countdown was continuing and The Whirpool Gate was still opening. Dagon would not be denied until all three standards were in place. The Tendril of Dagon swam up to Quill and attempted to ensnare him in one of his many tentacles, but again Quill’s defenses were too stout. Quill, Dorian, and Shan Val blasted away at the creature and hurt it badly. Fish men of Dagon swam up and surrounded Redbeard. Their rusty rapiers pockmarked his body with wounds and Quill thought of helping but stayed his hand knowing a more terrible onslaught was coming. Shaking off the rapier wounds and the effect of the fearful pheromones, Redbeard gripped the shaft of the Cormyrean battle standard tightly and put it between his legs. With all the suave he could muster Redbeard offered The Wrath a lewd and tawdry marriage proposal that only served to disgust his compatriots and infuriate The Wrath even more. The Wrath tore into Redbeard with its viscous claws but Quill saved him at the last moment by teleporting The Wrath adjacent to The Tendril and forcing the creature to hurt its ally.

With the path cleared, Redbeard moved forward quickly and planted the final standard. A cacaphonous blast of green energy encircled The Whirpool Gate and the swirling maelstrom within it suddenly froze in place. A large crack appeared in The large Idol of Dagon sitting at the center of gate and slowly began to move across the stone statue when suddenly the entire statue shattered. And the Whirlpool Gate began to spin in reverse. The power began to flow back into Mythal and Dagon’s portal began to close.

As everyone stared at The Whirpool Gate, Sir Praxis urged his mount forward. Quill yelled for Praxis to remain guarding his standard, but the brave knight of Torm had other plans. Tyberious swam in around the foes and right past the Wrath of Dagon. Sir Praxis swung his holy sword of Torm in a wide arc cutting a deep gash into side of The Wrath’s hide. Tyberious then pivoted his wings and flew right back to where he started safely occupying the Goldenhawk battle standard space to defend it.

Ignoring its wounds, The Wrath slammed into Redbeard trying to dislodge the stout dwarf from his place of guarding the Cormyrean battle standard. Redbeard grimaced behind clenched teeth and yelled that the creature was not going to move a dwarf. In response The Wrath’s eyes went wide as a blade erupted from his throat. Dorian had moved into position behind The Wrath and used his drad dirge to score a critical hit on the foul creature. As the Wrath of Dagon slumped forward and sunk to the ocean floor, Dorian’s eyes were wild and filled with vengeance. He shouted, ‘Dagon you will pay for all you have done! Do you you hear me? In the name of Jalissa, I shall have my vengeance!’


Dagon cultist reinforcements attempted to bull rush Quill out of his spot and there were some additional attacks by The Tendril and the fish men. But in the end they were unable to remove any of the battle standards and each fell in turn before the swords and spells of The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower.

Licking their wounds and taking a quick moment to study the magics swirling around The Whirpool Gate, the party discovered that they had some options. Shan Val explained to everyone that they could let the magic of Coronal’s enchanted battle standards run its course and close the gate completely preventing Dagon from entering the prime material plane at this spot. But that would not necessarily end the war or prevent Dagon trying to enter some other way. Another option was to let Dagon use his power to complete the ritual and step through the portal arriving in Myth Nantar in a weakened state. Dagon could be battled in in a weakened state and if he was slain would be prevented from coming to this prime material plane for a long long time. The final option is that right before the magical gate closes, the party could step through and travel to Dagon’s presence in his home plane on the Abyss. If Dagon is slain there, he would be destroyed for good.

Redbeard instantly voted for the final option and Dorian quickly seconded him. They wanted to see Dagon pay the ultimate price for his machinations and the evil taint he had spread across Faerun. In the end all agreed and their course of action was clear. Shan Val was able to use his arcana skill to delay the closing of the gate long enough to take a short rest. During that 5 minutes everyone rested and used the power of the restored Mythal to heal themselves completely without having to use any additional healing surges. Sir Praxis had no healing surges left and Shan Val only had one. In order to spread what remaining healing around evenly enough, Shan Val gave up his short rest during the last 5 minutes to cast a ritual that allowed the party to spread out and evenly distribute their remaining surges. So although he was healed, Shan Val did not regain the encounter powers he had used during the battle.

Healed and at least somewhat rejuvenated especially with an action point for everyone (two encounters had been completed since the last extended rest and a milestone had been reached), the party steeled themselves and stepped through the portal as it closed. Everyone knew what they were in for – a one way trip to Dagon’s Lair in The Abyss.


The Battle for Whirpool Gate

A search of the Crypt found 2 unopened doors. Behind one door was only silt and empty stone. But behind the other was some newly installed furniture including a bed and a broken chair and table. The body of something that had been ripped to shreds and a piece of it floated about the room. Finally a piece of vellum floated in amongst the debris. Quill tried to read the vellum sheet and found it to be some sort of letter but the words seemed scrambled and difficult to read as if they were written by someone who was insane. Dorian also tried to read the vellum but also felt the text tugging at his own sanity.

Searching the room, Quill found the final fragment of The Emerald Eye of Kyron. It was tucked under the mattress of the bed. He used his telekinesis to move the fragment without actually touching it. The party used two rituals to help solve the mystery of what had happened. One ritual allowed for them to see a whole image of the individual who had been ripped apart. It appeared to be a human male which everyone agreed was quite unusual at the bottom of the sea. Dorian recognized the vestments of the human as those of the Cult of Dagon. The other ritual was read languages which enabled Dorian to read the maddening script. The human priest of Dagon was sent here with The Eye of Kyron to create a rift and raise an undead army for use in the war. The party assumed that the priest got more than he bargained for by animating the Essyl Merynth. It was clearly either he or one of the lacedons that had ripped him to pieces.

Quill decided not to reunite the last fragment of The Emerald Eye of Kyron in order to make it whole once more. Gathering up the evidence of what had happened and the last two pieces of the artifcat, the party made haste back to the Coral Palace to speak with Aravae Daudil – The Coronal.

Shenarra Pearl led the way through the guards and brought the party right to the war room of The Coronal herself. Although it was at the bottom of the Sea, the inside of the The Corral Palace was filled with air. Everyone breathed deeply. It was nice to finally breathe air again. coronal_handmaiden.png Sir Praxis was the first to notice Shenarra Pearl’s lower half had turned from a mermaid’s tail to legs in the fresh air. Now that the young lady was completely human formed and completely naked, Sir Praxis said a silent prayer to Torm as he walked behind her lithe yet curvy form. The Coronal was standing at a large table filled with maps of Myth Nantar illustrating troop movements. She was discussing tactics with her Sea Elf and Merfolk generals and with Human Admirals of The Cormyrean Navy.

The Coronal looked up from the map and smiled as The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower approached. ‘Excellent work," said the Coronal. ’The hordes of drowned ones have stopped their attacks on our forces. The priests have been freed up to attend to the wounded instead of dealing with the undead. Their healing arts are making a big difference in the battle.’


Dorian stepped forward and described what they had found and what they had done. Quill brought forth The Emerald Eye of Kyron for The Coronal to see. She narrowed her gaze and bid Quill to place the two pieces on a stone table in front of her. Quill did as she commanded. The Coronal gazed intently at the green glow of the huge emerald. She circled the stone table looking at the artifact from almost every angle as everyone in attendance patiently waited.


The Coronal slowly raised her mighty staff known as ‘The Deep Oak’ and tightened her grip on the shaft. Then suddenly with blinding speed she brought the staff down upon the large emerald with violent force smashing it into 3 pieces that scattered across the room. The Coronal stared at The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. ’That ancient relic is an artifact which has been plaguing this city and the sea elven people for millennia. It has been involved in almost every major war in our history that… ’

The Coronal suddenly doubled over in visible pain gripping her chest. ‘The Mythal… Its… They have taken The Whirpool Gate.’

An audible gasp escaped the collective generals in attendance. The Coronal gripped Deep Oak tightly and used her staff to right herself and stand tall. The color slowly returned to her face as she regained her composure. ‘The Cult of Dagon has corrupted The Whirpool Gate and are using it to drain The Mythal’s power. They are feeding some sort of ritual which is of epic proportions.

A sea elf suddenly burst into the room exclaiming, ‘The armies of the enemy have surrounded The Whirpool Gate. It is overrun. They have heavily reinforced the area and are defending it. Our troops cannot get close enough to retake it.’

The Coronal’ face darkened, ‘This must be their final play. Could they be opening the Gate for?…’ The Coronal was suddenly lost in thought but then snapped back quickly to turn her gaze towards The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower, ’There might just be a way to stop them. I must remain here and focus all my energies on keeping The Mythal whole. Shenarra, do you remember the old dolomite tunnels leading out from the castle here to The Whirpool gate?"

Shenarra perked up and replied, ‘Yes My Lady.’

The Coronal looked to her and then to the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower and said, ‘you must lead these men through the tunnels to The Whirlpool Gate. They lead right to the base of the Gate itself, that should get you past the armies of the enemy. No doubt Dagon’s faithful have The Gate itself well guarded but at least you will have a fighting chance. It is fortuitous that you have brought The Emerald Eye before me. Its magic is strong and can be harnessed to do a great many things.’

With a wave of her hand all 4 pieces of The Emerald Eye of Kyron flew rapidly though the air to hover in front of her. She spoke a strange word and a rippling pool of water appeared in the air before her. The largest fragment of the emerald which had been torn out of the chest of Essyl Merynth by Redbeard floated into the water portal and disappeared of to some vault in the Palace. The remaining three fragments pulsed with green light as they hovered in the air around The Coronal.

The Coronal commanded one of her sea elf generals to remove a Myth Nantar banner from the wall and bring it before her. With another wave of her hand one of the emerald fragments fused to the tip of the wooden shaft upon which the banner was affixed.

‘Now we just need two more like this.’ said The Coronal. Dorian instantly stepped forward and bowed deeply while holding up The Goldenhawk Tower Battle Standard , ‘My Lady Coronal, I would be honored if you would deem our battle standard worthy of such an honor.’

The Coronal smiled and waived her hands in an intricate pattern. The second emerald fragment fused to the tip of the Goldenhawk Battle standard. One of the Cormyrean Admirals then stepped forward bearing The Purple Dragon of Cormyr and The Coronal affixed the final fragment to that standard.

The Coronal explained that The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower must carry these battle standards into battle with them and plant them in a very particular arrangement surrounding The Whirpool Gate. There are three summoning circles made of gold with runes carved on them surrounding The Whirpool Gate. They must place one standard in each golden circle. They have been enchanted so that when all three are correctly placed they will unleash a pulse of energy that should disrupt The Whirpool Gate and foil the summoning ritual being performed by The Cult of Dagon. She went on to explain that each standard must be carried by a different person and that they should never come into contact with each other.

Quill grabbed the Myth Nantar standard, Praxis took The Goldenhawk Standard, and Redbeard the Cormyrean Banner and the group set off with Shenarra Pearl through the dolomite tunnels to arrive just as the Coronal had described – at the foot of Whirpool Gate behind enemy lines. Shenarra wished the party good luck and hoped the blessings of Deep Sashelas would be upon them. She explained that she had to seal the the tunnels so that there would be no way for the armies of the enemy to find their way into the Coral Palace.


The party’s plan to speedily get the jump on their foes and quickly get the banners into place was quickly foiled. Dagon Cultists were everywhere and though those minions posed little threat, four familiar foes were also arrayed against them. fish_man_2.png Fish men of Dagon that Quill, Dorian, and Shan Val had not seen since the Ashenport were prowling the battlefield along with three aspects of Dagon whom the party had defeated once before. However, now these foes seemed even more powerful than before.

The Wrath of Dagon was a stark white huge muscular tentacled beast. It moved with blinding speed and could literally leap through the water. The wrath was the first creature to react to the party’s appearance and it closed the distance to engage in melee and block the forward progress with alarming speed. It released a deadly blast of pheromones into the water which clouded the minds of The Knight’s of Goldenhawk Tower causing them to attack one another and to fall unconscious.

The Tendril of Dagon looked like some sort of merfolk who had a mass of tentacles as their lower half. It would entangle party members in its deadly tentacles, holding them fast and crushing them. It would also peck at trapped and entangled enemies with its viscous beak.


And The Voice of Dagon looked like a human female but who had two tentacles emerging from her hips. She seemed to unleash Dagon’s power in the form of spells such as a frigid burst that caused cold damage and slowness as well as chaos touching it targets. Those unfortunates who were touched by the chaos of the Voice’s magic could be chaos warped where The Voice could negatively impact attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws.

A viscous battle erupted and the only battle standard to be moved forward was that of Quill who was able to teleport in and out of his foes to make progress where the others were bogged down in melee combat. Sir Praxis used his summon steed ritual to bring Tyberious quickly into the battle, allowing him to move more rapidly across the battlefield. But Praxis and Tyberious were quickly mired in combat and slow and immobilization effects.

Dorian saw The Wrath of Dagon tearing into his friends with its viscous claws. He had terrible flashbacks to Ashenport and the fate of Jalissa. The mere thought of Dagon filled Dorian with white hot rage. He cursed The Wrath and used his magic to send it off on a timeless trek to Mithrendain. The creature disappeared into the Feywild only to leave behind the echo of its howling rage. Two rounds passed without The Wrath being able to find its way back. The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower were encouraged and managed to fight through the minions and clear a path to make some progress. Quill locked down The Voice and used his 4 corners attack to deadly effect upon her. The tied had turned but for how long? More cultist reinforcements were on the way and it was just a matter of time before The Wrath broke Dorian’s spell and found his way back to the prime material plane to rejoin the fight.


The Emerald Eye of Kyron
The Mad Coronal is Laid to Rest

The battle raged on as Quill andRedbeard finally understood what the green light coming from the Mad Coronal’s chest was about. They wanted to try and fuse the shard of the emerald fragment they had recovered from the statue into the larger emerald embedded in the Mad Coronal’s Chest. They fought their way over to The Mad Coronal. Using his remote action mage hand spell, Quill was able to push the shard into the Mad Coronal’s chest and fuse it into the larger emerald. The Mad Coronal shuddered and screamed in pain. Quill noticed that he temporarily lost his ghostly insubstantial trait and was now more vulnerable to attacks. Quill now knew that once another of the two remaining shards were returned to the emerald, that it could be ripped from The Mad Coronal’s chest and possibly cut off his power.


It didn’t take long, however, for The Mad Coronal to shake off the effects of the shard fusing and redouble his attacks against the party. In particular he went after Quill in a big way. Sir Praxis finally dealt the killing blow to the mud lasher and saw a shining green object fall out of its lifeless body towards the silty floor below. Quill managed to scoop it up and discovered it was the second of three shards. The third shard was still in some unknown location, but he could sense it was nearby.

As the battle raged on Shenarra Pearl, was grappled by a Sodden Lacedon and torn to shreds through its drowning embrace. Dorian fought his way to her and managed to heal her. Quill managed to get the second shard into The Mad Coronal and again he shuddered and screamed in pain. His form shifted from insubstantial to substantial. Shan Val and Dorian took great advantage of the opportunity by pounding The Mad Coronal with his arcane energies to full effect. Quill knew the time was right to try and pull the emerald out of the chest. Even though the third shard was not found, it could be done. He felt a strange urge to do it himself, but it proved beyond his strength.


Redbeard plunged his hand into the chest of the Mad Coronal and felt his hand close around the huge glimmering green emerald. Redbeard pulled with all his might and yanked the gemstone free from the body of the lich. Instantly the insane cackling of the Mad Coronal ceased. His body fell limp to the ground. Apparently the day was won. Quill urged Redbeard to give him the The Emerald Eye . Redbeard refused. There was a tense stand off with Quill and Redbeard facing off. Dorian took a step closer and tried to ease the tension with his soothing words. Quill stared at Redbeard intently. Sweat beaded on Redbeard’s brow as he looked from Quill to the The Emerald Eye and back again. Redbeard’s muscles tensed but instead of handing it over to Quill he threw it to Shan Val. Shan Val also struggled mightily to give it up. Quill warily moved the stone into the portable hole with his mage hand in order not to touch it.

There was one more piece to find, but Quill was uncertain what to do next. Apparently the undead threat had been stopped, but he wasn’t exactly sure what this magical emerald had to do with it. He knew one thing, however. The stone was very powerful. His arcana skill gave him a power reading that was on the level of what he experienced with the The Recurve or The Shalay Marel. This was an ancient relic of great power -clearly a magical artifact of some kind.

Shenarra Pearl thought it might be the legendary Emerald Eye of Kyron – a storied magical artifact from Myth Nantar’s past. She urged the party to find the remaining shard and make the stone complete and then bring it to Aravae Daudil – The Coronal. She would certainly be able to use the artifact against the enemy.

Redbeard chimed in saying, “It is a gift… It is a powerful magical item that should be used in the fight. Why not use it?” Quill was not so sure…


Putting the Dead to Rest
Exploring the Crypt of The Mad Coronal

Shenarra Pearl, the young mermaid handmaiden of The Coronal guided The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower through dark, murky water to a series of tombs set into the sea floor outside Myth Nantar. Most of the tombs were still and silent, but flashes of green light drew Quill’s attention to one site in particular: the mausoleum of the Mad Coronal. The door to the ancient crypt was held fast with magic and powerfully warded. Shan Val, Quill, and Dorian worked with great care to remove them. All three surmised that the wards must have been laid by someone powerful in the art. Quill tried to ease the door open but it suddenly flew open of its own accord.

Quill gazed inside the crypt to see a ghostly figure wreathed in dark energy floating near a statue that bears a striking resemblance to the spirit itself. The flashes of green light seemed to be coming from something suspended inside the ghost’s incorporeal form. Cackling insanely, the spirit gestured toward the huge crack in the floor. In response, hands and bodies emerge from the dark crack, joining the ranks of newly risen dead forming up for another attack on Myth Nantar.


The party charged into the huge room to battle the undead. The drowned dead minions fell quickly but more and more kept crawling out of the black fissure to replace those that had fallen. Shenarra Pearl proved quite valuable as her turning powers were able to destroy large groups of the drowned dead. Drowned_Dead_copy.png

The Mad Coronal proved very hard to catch, however. His insubstantial form flew right through the thick mud in the floor of the room and also the large columns dominating the sides of the room. Even when he was hit by an attack, he simply gestured and re-directed the attack to one of his minions using his “die for me” power.


The Mad Coronal continued to summon hordes of drowned dead each round to replenish those who had fallen. The mud and silt on the floor of the room also formed together to rise up and attack. It was a creature called a mud lasher. Its drowning slam attack carried a lot of damage and kept hurting with an ongoing damage effect. The Mad Coronal also blasted the party with large area of effect spells like his Terrifying Shriek which immobilized, pushed, and hurt everyone in its path. Occasionally he would simply gaze upon a party member and unleash his Death’s Visage causing massive necrotic damage and a penalty to defenses. He also had a ghost bolt which he would hurl at Quill because it would strike unerringly beating his powerful defenses.

Two Sodden Lacedons were also lurking in the muddy silt. They leaped up to attack Shan Val and Dorian in the back after the defenders had already moved through. Their deadly claws ripped into them causing them to be immobilized, grabbed, and prone. And then as a minor action they would use their “mouthful of flesh” attack to do additional damage. Later in the battle two more Sodden Lacedons appeared as reinforcements to again wreak havoc with the less protected individuals.


Scanning the room, Quill saw the glint of emerald light coming from the head of the stature on the far side of the room that looked like a statue of Essyl Merynth, The Mad Coronal. So he slowly made his way towards the statue, fighting his way through the drowned ones and lacedons. As he got closer he could make out that it looked like a green gemstone flickering with an unearthly green light – perhaps an emerald – was lodged into one of the eyes of the statue. After many rounds of not even being able to hurt The Mad Coronal, Quill knew he had to somehow stop the hordes of undead that kept returning to the crypt. He thought that perhaps if he could remove it it might stop the undead. He tried to remove the gem with his ranged mage hand but it proved too difficult to remove. More strength was needed. He yelled for Redbeard to aid him.

Trapped near the entrance to the crypt far from the statue was Redbeard, immobilized and shoved against Baba Yaga’s Mortar and Pestle which had been flown in by Shan Val but vacated when he teleported away from it. Unable to make his legs work due to the Mad Coronal’s Necrotic spells, Redbeard reached over the edge of the mortar and grabbed a hold of the pestle and willed the magical flying device into motion. It flew across the room with Redbeard hanging off the side of it. A few undead lashed out at Redbeard as he darted in and out of the bodies flailing around, but he happily took a few hits to get to Quill’s side. He then grabbed a hold of the piece in the statue and pulled hard to free it. As soon as Redbeard touched it to yank it free he instantly knew that it was a shard of a larger emerald that was embedded in the chest of the Mad Coronal. The shard was clearly magical and he felt the urge to shove the shard and two others somewhere in the crypt into the chest of the Mad Coronal to make the larger emerald able to be removed from the undead lich.

Vanquishing The Eye of the Deep
A Brief Respite in the War for Myth Nantar

With Sir Praxis turned to stone, Quagmire lying in death repose, and Dorian overcome with unconsciousness from a sleep ray, things had turned dire indeed. But with the appearance of Redbeard, hope yet remained for the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower that victory could be snatched from defeat. The Eye of The Deep was bloodied and had flown into a frenzy shooting 4 eye beams per round but the party kept up their assault and continued to rain damage down upon it. Redbeard was forced to attack Shan Val by the Eye Tyrant’s confusion rays. The Devil Rays swarmed around the party members and continued to harry them as well. There were some additional close calls with death rays and petrification rays finding their marks, but luckily saving throws were made. Finally at long last, Shan Val delivered the killing blow, blasting The Eye of the Deep with fey pact magic and littering the sunken ships deck with Beholder bits. With their master slain, the Devil Rays fought on to avenge him, but they were no match for the remaining Knights. Soon they too were dispatched.

The sea elf commander who asked for their aid congratulated them on their victory and told them that Quagmire and Sir Praxis sacrifice was not in vain. Defeating the Eye of the Deep had saved countless sea elf lives. The party put Quagmire’s body and the statue of Praxis in Shan Val’s Flying Mortar and they made their way back to the Coronal’s Palace.

The fighting remained fierce across the entire city and beyond. Reinforcements will surely arrive from Myth Nantar’s allies, such as Cormyr and Aglarond. Nevertheless, the invaders showed no signs of lessening their assault, even as the valiant defenders slaughtered wave after wave of monsters and aberrations.

Suddenly a huge form streaked out of the din of battle. It was clearly the dragon Khuralosothantar “The Protector” and mounted astride the mighty beast was Aravae Daudil – The Coronal herself.


Surveying the scene, the Coronal realized that the situation would only deteriorate if the defenders did not get some respite. The forces arrayed against Myth Nantar seem to have endless reinforcements, and though the sea elf defenders and the mighty heroes of Faerun are individually much stronger than their foes, the attackers must eventually break through on the strength of their sheer numbers and the defenders sheer exhaustion.

There is one defender, however, whose vigilance is tireless, who can be everywhere at once, and whose faithfulness is beyond question: the mythal itself. Drawing upon ancient high magic, the Coronal raised her arms and unleashed a spell more powerful than any The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower had ever seen. The Coronal released the energy of the mythal. Suddenly all of the fighting stopped and all eyes turned to The Coronal. Glowing lines of force streaked across the battlefield, infusing each defender with the might of all elvenkind. All the defenders of Myth Nantar felt their fatigue vanish, their wounds heal, and their strength return. They were all revitalized as if they had just spent the most restful night of their life. All the party members effectively had an extended rest and each went up to 16th level. The power of the Coronal’s spell turned Praxis from stone back to flesh but with only half of his normal healing surges. The spell did not have the power to return the dead to life, however. Quagmire remained deceased.

The defenders of Myth Nantar were restored. But at what cost to the mythal…?

Despite all it had suffered, from the aboleths crashing through its protection, to the city’s defenders drawing on its healing energy, to the Coronal unleashing its power to rejuvenate the heroes of Myth Nantar, the ancient mythal held. However, its energy was sorely taxed. As the defenders strength was restored, the mythal’s strength faded almost to a whisper.

The Coronal rallied her troops with her powerful voice cutting through the depths, amplified by her powerful magic.

The second voice was indeed that of Dagon. An image of the massive bulbous demon appeared before everyone’s eyes.


But something was wrong. The mythal had given too much. From the aboleths crashing through, to people drawing on its healing energy, to the Coronal unleashing its power, perhaps even to the Spellplague itself, the ancient barrier flickered and trembled. Its soft glow fading into darkness. Acting quickly The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower and many of the allies of Myth Nantar could feel the need of the Mythal as it faded away. With arcane knowledge and insight, they realized that the power of the mythal was a two way conduit. They each gave a little bit of themselves over to the mythal to fuel it. Quill gave seven healing surges. Dorian provided 5. Redbeard gave 7 surges. Shan Val let 3 go. Tyberious and Praxis each weakened from the battle each gave only 1. But it was enough. The total given back from the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower was 24 total surges. That combined with all the others given up by the defenders of Myth Nantar sustained the Mythal and breathed fresh life into its magic.

After the tense moment of wavering, the Mythal flared to life anew, the projected image of Dagon vanished, and as one all the combatants leaped back into the fray. The Coronal smiled and gazed towards The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. Feelings of relief and thanks filled each of them as the mighty sea elf mounted her dragon friend once more and flew off back into the battle. The brief momentary respite was over and the battle for Myth Nantar was once more joined. Out of the chaos of battle swam a lone figure. A beautiful young mermaid bearing the marks of a priestess of Deep Sashelas.


The mermaid introduced herself as Shenarra Pearl, handmaiden to The Coronal. She explained that the Coronal was quite busy fighting the war at the moment but was deeply thankful for everything the party had done to help the war effort. Shenarra was deeply saddened to learn of Quagmire’s demise. She held his head against her ample bosom and tenderly stroked his hair. There was little they could do for Quagmire at this time but she offered to have his body taken to the temple of Deep Sashelas. Redbeard stepped forward and thanked Shenarra but declined her offer saying something about contracts and such. He took the body and carefully packed it away into Dorian’s bag of holding. There it would stay until such time as more appropriate measures could be taken.

Shenarra then explained to the The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower that their previous successful missions had garnered real help to the war effort. In fact, she explained how they could call on reinforcements and get help from those they had helped before. These one time powers are explained in this wiki – Myth Nantar Mission Rewards.

Shenarra also explained that The Coronal had another mission for them to complete. She said, “My fellow clerics and I find ourselves unable to tend to the wounded. Instead we are forced to contend with constant attacks by drowned ones on the outskirts of the city. All of our divine energies are being diverted to destroy these undead, and several of us have been wounded ourselves. These are lesser undead, so the army can’t pull soldiers off the front lines to deal with them, but we can’t let them rampage through Myth Nantar, either.”

Shenarra continued, ‘My Lady sent me to investigate and I believe I have found the source of the zombies – an ancient tomb outside the city. It’s too dangerous for me to enter alone. My Lady has asked you to accompany me. In ancient times our people used to inter Coronals and other leaders at this site. The most famous was Essyl Merynth, known as the Mad Coronal when he was alive, apparently for good reason, although I don’t know the details.’

Shenarra said, “No one ever goes there any more, because about a hundred years ago some followers of Oghma were researching the old stories of the Mad Coronal and discovered that the tomb had been ransacked. They said that the sarcophagi were broken out from the inside, a most disturbing thought. As far as I know, it’s been quiet ever since, but perhaps there was something more that the scholars never discovered. Please help me investigate the tomb and we can find the source of the undead, put a stop to it. If we didn’t have to fight off these attacks, we could channel our healing powers to aid the injured, and of course it would also let those poor souls return to their rest.”

The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower agreed to help Shenarra Pearl. They followed her off to the ancient tomb…

The Petrification of Sir Praxis and The Fall of Quagmire
The Battle with the Eye of the Deep Rages On

Sneaking up on the Eye of the Deep and its Devil Ray followers (Ixitxachitl) proved a wise and beneficial choice. The party got a number of licks in on the Beholder and cut off the two groups separating them with the benefit of surprise. As the Beholder rose up out of its hiding spot in the bowels of the sunken ship’s hold, it became apparent that this would be a huge test for The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. Eye Beams shot out in all directions with deadly accuracy. Fiery beams of hot radiant energy seared the flesh. Sleep rays struck those they hit unconscious. Flesh to Stone rays sought to turn the characters into statues and of course the death ray sought to slay them out right.


Everyone fought bravely, focusing their attacks on the beholder while Sir Praxis and Tyberious kept the devil rays trapped in the other half of the ship. Quill found quickly that the Eye of The Deep was resistant to his attacks which cause a dazing, blinded, or stunned effect. The beholder was not susceptible to the effects but they did limit its attacks. When the creature was stunned it was only able to attack once with its eye stalks instead of twice on its turn. When it was blinded it was unable to use its central eye which could bathe multiple targets in a field that prevented the use of daily and encounter attack powers. Most of those had been spent already during the long war of Myth Nantar, but the encounter powers were key. Everyone took the opportunity to use them up quickly while the creature was blinded so they would not lose them. At the start of each character’s turn, a random eye stalk fired at them.

The devil rays managed to eventually get around Tyberious and Praxis and began to harry Shan Val and Dorian. Quill and Shan Val both made some attacks against the devil rays that teleported the creatures adjacent to the beholder and forced them to attack it against their will. The attacks were quite successful and hurt the beholder causing all the enemies to fly into a blood rage.

Quill was hit with a death ray but he managed to make the save against the ongoing 2d20 damage. Dorian was hit with a petrification ray at first being slowed. After his failed save he became immobilized. Then just before he had to make a save or become petrified, Sir Praxis rode Tyberious to Dorian’s side and valiantly put his hand on Dorian’s arm. By the power of Torm, Praxis pulled the petrification affliction into his own body, saving Dorian. Quagmire was then struck with a death ray. He was not as lucky as Quill with his saves and took the 2d20 ongoing damage. Luckily, the potion of regeneration he quaffed was keeping him alive and bolstering his hit points. Praxis now had to save against the petrification effect but with a big bonus. It was not enough, he failed his save. Praxis used a power to reroll the save again with a bonus but failed yet again. Praxis felt his hand tighten and become unmovable as the effect ran its way up his arm. He grabbed his arm and slowed the petrification effect for a moment but then it moved beyond his grasp and overcame his entire body. The statue of Sir Praxis Morgrave fell from his noble steed to land with a thud on the deck of the sunken warship.

Just then as if things could not get any worse, Quagmire failed his final save against the death ray and death overcame him. Even his regenerating effect from his potion could not save him. His lifeless corpse floated gently down into a small grotto of rocks. Dorian screamed in fury putting his inescapable dirge upon the Eye of the Deep and unleashing some powerful attacks with combat advantage. In response, the beholder hit Dorian with a sleep ray and he fell unconscious.

Despite the fall of his master, Tyberious fought bravely on but was surrounded by the devil rays. Shan Val and Quill looked at each other in horror as Praxis stony form lay on the deck of the ship and Quagmire’s corpse floated in silent repose at the bottom of the sea. Could this be the end?

Just then a magical portal opened above the head of the Eye of the Deep. A short humanoid figure leaped through the portal swinging his hammer in wide deadly arcs. It was Redbeard who had been watching the party fight in the war of Myth Nantar though the scrying chamber in Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut. When he saw that the group was in serious danger he created a magical gate and leaped through to come to their aid. Redbeard swung his mighty hammer, Thorkal The Ogrebreaker to smash The Eye of the Deep for over 100 points of damage.

Redbeard’s sudden appearance got the attention of the Beholder and bolstered the morale of The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower but will it be enough to win the day?

The Altar Cleansed and Flushing Out The Eye of the Deep


With the Kuo Toan Priest and the Genasi Sorceress slain, the enemies ability to further corrupt the altar was severely diminished. But the remaining kuo toans, genasi, and water elemental were still bent on completing the corruption. Quagmire continued to do an excellent job using his arcana, religion, and thievery skills to cleanse the altar. While the rest of the party battled the remaining enemies. First the water elemental was destroyed, then one of the Kuo Toans, things were looking up when the genasi warrior and the kuo toan cutter both got critical hits. Quill was able to reduce the damage somewhat but still it stung greatly. Everyone but Quill and Dorian were bloodied and close to death. But Quagmire successfully completed the cleansing of the altar and the final two enemies were slain. The three merfolk priests of deep sashelas trapped in the energy fields were freed but the severely wounded merfolk paladin only had 1 round left to live. Sir Praxis valiantly rode Tyberious to get over to the pillar upon which she was trapped but failed twice in his attempts to free her as time ran out and she perished. It was a bittersweet ending to the victory. Although the Deep Sashelas altar was altar was cleansed and the 3 priests were freed, the paladin perished. The grateful priests lent their healing skills to The Knights Of Goldenhawk Tower, healing them. However, all of their healing surges were spent by the end of the short rest. Quagmire had the presence of mind to ask if they had any healing potions that did not require surges to use and they did in fact have 3 cure light and 1 cure moderate wounds potions which they gladly gave to their saviors.

With the temple saved, The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower decided to head back to the Coronal’s keep to check in with her. On their way they encountered a heavily built sea elf whose armor seemed to be made of heavy coral growing out of his skin. He lumbered over saying, “I know you’ve been asked to do a lot of things,”, every word sounding like a boulder crashing down a mountain. “But my soldiers are getting ripped to ribbons out there, and I’m not too proud to ask for help. I’ve seen a lot of things in my time, but frankly, I’ve never seen anything like what’s attacking us right now."
“There’s an army of demons and aberrations battering at the walls of Myth Nantar – that’s nothing you don’t already know. But my command post is just about to be completely overrun by ixitxachitls – what most people call demon-rays. Not because of the ixits themselves: we kill them all the time. But they’ve got an eye of the deep with them and that’s a whole different kettle of fish."
“I’d heard legends, about how they can turn you to stone, rot the flesh from your bones, cause you to flee in terror, stare at you so you fall over dead, or just burn you to ash outright with those eye beams of theirs. But I never imagined I’d have to see it up close and personal.
“My troops are brave, and they’ll fight to the death to defend Myth Nantar. Quite a few of them already have. The rest of them are going to die for sure if somebody doesn’t take that eye of the deep out. You look like some of the most powerful adventurers I’ve ever seen. If anybody can take this thing down, it’s you."
“What do you say? You could save a lot of lives, right here, right now.”

Of course Dorian and Quill responded immediately that they would help. The commander led them to a grotto on the bottom of the sea floor with a sunken Cormyrean warship. Sneaking up, using stealth and Quagmire’s invisibility magic, the party found the Eye of the Deep lurking in the hold of the sunken ship and the devil rays in another. They moved into position with stealth and got the jump on the creatures. Praxis blocked the devil rays and everyone else pounded on the eye of the deep. With the surprise round finished, the aquatic beholder began to rise from the dark recesses of the hold of the ship to attack…


Temple Raiders
The Deep Sashelas Temple is under attack

Having barely escaped from the abolethic cyst with their lives, The Knights of Goldenhawk tower took a short rest and bandaged their wounds. Dukar Elisia did what she could to help the freed citizens shake off the poisonous ichor of the aboleth and she summoned 5 dolphins to help carry everyone home. The dukar had a terrible vision of her temple – the seat of Deep Sashelas‘s power under attack. The Kuo Toans and their genasi allies had fought their way past the temple’s defenders and were corrupting the holy shrine with the black power of their goddess Blibdoolpoolp.

The Dukar was extremely alramed. Not only becuase her temple was under attack but becuase the shrine of Deep Shashlelas that was being couurpted was tied closely to the Myth Nantar Mythal. If the corruption were complete, it could possibly bring down the mythal. Quill immediately assured the Dukar that they would see to the altars restoration. The Dukar bid one of her dolphin friends to lead the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower to the Deep Sashelas temple. Sir Praxis mounted Tyberious and everyone else got into Baba Yaga’s Mortar and Pestle and followed the dolphin to the temple.


There they found many bodies of the temple’s defenders floating in the water at the bottom of the sea. The magnificent dolphin statue -the altar of Deep Sahselas had a visible taint about it. A Kuo Toan Shaman and Genasi sorceress were pouring the black magic of Blidoploop into the holy relic and corrupting it. Between the party and the statue stood many enemy defenders. Kuo Toans, Genasi, and a huge water elemental.

Trapped in magical fields on top of pillars were some priests and priestess of Deep Seashelas, clearly being sacrificed slowly in some sort of horrific ceremony to Blibdoolpoolp.


The party fought their way closer to the altar when Quill noticed that the taint could be cleansed with skillful use of arcana and religious knowledge if one was close enough to the altar. Quagmire invisibly got close enough as the rest of the party engaged the temple raiders. With each cleansing attempt his skill use was able to remove some corruption or create a terrible feedback of negative energy that hurt him if he failed.


Death of the Eldest
Finishing the Battle in the Abolethic Cyst


With Shan Val being dominated by The Eldest and blasting away at his fellow party members, things went from bad to worse. The Chuul Juggernaut had everyone pinned down in the tunnels outside the main room. The grells were floating into range and blasting off lightning storms or floating in and trying to entangle party members in their deadly tentacles. Shan Val was unable to shake off the domination when Dorian fell pray to it as well. Dorian viscously mocked Praxis Morgrave and knocked him down to the ground – unconscious and bleeding to death. The grells blindsight prevented them from being fooled by Quagmire’s invisibility. The grell strangler wrapped its nasty tentacles around Quagmire, knocking him unconscious. The grell then dragged him away from his friends deeper into the large open area and the writhing tentacles of The Eldest.


So Praxis was down, Shan Val and Dorian were dominated, and Quagmire was being hauled away as a snack for The Eldest. Quill teleported into action using his thrown sight to see around the corner. He could see the grell dragging something so he teleported there and engaged the grell, cutting Quagmire free. Dorian finally saved against the domination, healed Shan Val giving him another save and bringing Praxis back up.

Praxis stood up and cut down the Chuul Juggernaut. The entire party moved into the larger room to engage the grells and The Eldest. Turning the tide of the battle they closed with the grells and eventually wore them down. The Eldest managed to use its mental powers to slide Quill into range of its tentacles where he proceeded to get throttled.

Meanwhile Dukar Elisia freed the rest of the Myth Nantar citizens and destroyed the hallucinatory mushrooms with a fire spell. There were some additional dominations and lots of damage dished out, but with the full might of the party focused on The Eldest, they whittled away at his 500 HP and finally laid him low. As his tentacles quivered and then finally went still, the entire complex started to fall apart as if it were being sucked inside itself. Water gushed in, ceilings collapsed. Each party member moved at top speed to the exit, helping Dukar Elisia get the freed Myth Nantar citizens out. It was close but everyone made it out alive. The entire cyst shrunk until it was but a speck and then winked out of existence. So was the passing of the oldest aboleth to ever dwell in Faerun – The Eldest.

Deeper into the Aboleth Cyst

After twice succumbing to the haunting music and being compelled to eat the poisonous mushrooms, Sir Praxis had had enough. He drew forth Inferno, his flame tongue longsword, and uttered a command word. Flames leaped from the enchanted blade engulfing the mushrooms and burning them to blackened ashes. The dance like music emitted from the mushrooms faded away to a sad tune before fading away to silence. Black smoke filled the passageway and the lungs of some of the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower, but they were able to press on.

Further ahead they found that the interior of the aboleth cyst was like a nightmarish torture chamber. Screams of terror came from a pit filled with mucus and bodies. Pillars of jelly with humanoid shapes trapped within were scattered around according to some alien logic. Sea elf women and men as well as merfolk were trapped inside the hideous gelatinous matrix. Among them Quill spied an unconscious Dukar Elisia.

Guarding the area was a lone enslaved citizen – a sea elf horribly changed by some terrible aberrant processing by Xxiphu and the Abolethic Sovereignty. Quagmire dispatched the lone guardian with a well placed spell only to have another similar creature lurking around the corner run forward to investigate his companion and raise an alarm. A giant crab like Chuul scuttled out of the shadows to also attack. The enemies were put down in short order and the slime prisons were inspected more closely. Quill and Shan Val agreed that the mucous was keeping the prisoners in an unconscious state and slowly changing them over time into aberrant creatures like the enslaved citizens they had just battled. They decided that since the process took many hours to complete, they could risk a short rest. It seemed the rest of the complex was not alerted to their presence yet.

After completing the short rest, Quill used a spell to reach phantom arms into the mucous and pull out Dukar Elisia while keeping the nasty substance off of his own body. Dorian saw to the Dukar quickly using magic to clean her body of the foul slime and neutralizing the poison in her system. She jolted awake and was brought up to speed with what had happened.


The Dukar quickly assessed the situation and urged Dorian and his compatriots to press on while she pulled the other citizens of Myth Nantar free. She used her own holy magics granted by Deep Sashelas to protect herself from the foul mucous and began pulling the trapped prisoners out with her bare arms.

The party quickly moved forward to attack the remaining guardians of the ruins of Xxiphu and the Abolethic Sovereignty. They began to battle more chuuls including a massive chuul juggernaut. Hideous floating brains with sharp beaks and dangling tentacles hovered out of the shadows to attack. These grells proved deadly as they created zones of arcing lightning and psychic attacks. And much to everyone’s dismay at the far corner of the cave apparently awakened was the head of the abolethic sovereignty itself – The Eldest. It had survived the catastrophic fall of the Xxiphu obelisk out of the sky. Its icy encasement had cracked and melted, awakening The Eldest to wreak havoc on those responsible for the destruction of the seat of its power. Despite being hidden well back and out of sight from The Eldest, Shan Val felt it enter his mind ripping and tearing at his insanity and wresting control of his body from him. The dominated Shan Val waits for his turn to strike at his allies and the battle for the cyst rages on…


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