Cult of Dagon

Dagon is he who sleeps in deathless sleep. His ancient call beckons land dwellers to embrace the icy depths of the sea. The party met its first traces of Dagon worship in the town of Pandarahan where a soap merchant had brought the evil of Dagon to the town from it’s origin in Ashenport where every townsperson was a member of the Cult.

The people of Ashenport sacrificed humans to the their Lord Dagon and in return he granted the village prosperity and riches. Solid gold idols were hauled up in fishing nets along with abundant fish. Those living in Ashenport became wealthy and well off. Every so often, however, storm clouds would gather and Dagon’s Call would sound requiring the town to offer up sacrifices of visitors to the town to fulfill their dark covenant.

Mother Sharallan was the leader of Cult in Ashenport. She was closely supported by the leader of the town, Ritter. The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower slew Ritter and Mother Sharallan and put the secret cult to the sword. After failing to appease their god, Dagon’s call pulled all remaining residents of the town into the sea to drown in his unholy covenant.


Cult of Dagon

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